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Pope for a Day

The Pope"s birthday mission - was to just bless a new space-plane. Or so he thought!



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The Pope rises early on the morning of December 17, 2020, and is none too thrilled to be reminded that it is his 84th birthday. His mood brightens when he is asked to bless the new Chinese/Italian autonomous tourist space-plane, LUNAc1.

The Pope invites his sister, his best buddy and a 7 year old orphan boy to accompany him. The boy begs to include the miniature horse the Pope received for his birthday and the cat that insists on riding on the horse's back.

The Pope blesses the space-plane then pops in for a quick look where to his great surprise he finds the little boy and the two animals already inside. Then a wacky prank causes unforeseen consequences sending them and the space-plane on a thrilling unplanned flight.

Submitted: March 24, 2021
Last Updated: April 17, 2021

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The Writer: Elizabeth Blandford

I came late to the craft of screenwriting, and so only have two fully finished scripts, that have found a home on Script Revolution. I enjoy reading more than writing and am better at listening than talking. One of my favorite films is Baz Luhrmann's "Strictly Ballroom". My pick for a book that would make a wonderful film is Laurence Shames' "Florida Straits". Go to bio

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