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A quirky young writer starts dating again after getting over a demonic possession, but will her baggage be too much for Prince Charming to take?

POSSESSIVE puts a unique twist on the romantic comedy genre by adding a touch of horror. What happens when a young woman gets over a bad case of demonic possession? She gets back on the dating scene, of course!

With her possession behind her, aside from a slightly embarrassing tic, Anna Norman is dating again, but lacking confidence. Her body and soul are scarred. Still, she tries. She dates. She goes for it. Because love is worth it. And it goes badly. Very badly. A string of bad dates cause Anna to almost give up. Then, everything changes.

Anna self-published a book about her demonic possession. It sold about ten copies. She thought that was the end of it, until a call from a famous director. He wants to turn her book into a movie. He also asks her to help write the movie. Suddenly, Anna is a professional writer. Her confidence grows.

At auditions for the film, Anna meets Donald Coates, a charming, funny janitor-slash-actor. They meet-cute, and immediately fall for each other. With Anna writing the movie, she has very little time, so she and Donald share many quick, wonderful dates.

But she never tells him the movie is based on her life. What's she going to say? “Hey, funny story. I was possessed by the Devil and that’s why I stopped dating. I’m better now. Fingers crossed!” When Donald discovers the truth--during a television interview that goes very, very badly for Anna--he panics and breaks up with her. Donald grew up with darkness in his life, violence and pain, and is afraid of Anna's darkness.

During filming of the movie, as Donald watches her life recreated on film, he begins to understand Anna and truly falls in love with her. But Anna's already moved on. So what can he do? Perhaps a grand gesture that allows Anna to literally beat-up the Devil will do the trick? He does have a film crew handy.

Will Donald and Anna end up together? Well, this is a romantic comedy, so chances are good, but it's a hell of a fun ride.

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From THE BLACKLIST EVALUATION: "POSSESSIVE features a tremendously smart premise, and the contrast between Anna's possession and the awkward banality of modern romance is sharp and evocative. The script wisely utilizes its speculative conceit to examine some fiercely relatable ideas, and using supernatural possession as a stand-in for past abuse/trauma allows an intricate emotional story to evolve without the film devolving into familiar, maudlin melodrama. The filmmaking minutiae are quite strong, and the production itself forms a solid framework for the characters' evolution. Anna and Donald possess an excellent on-the-page rapport that proves effortlessly clever and charming, and elements such as the tics show comedic promise. Perhaps the script's biggest triumph is the incorporation of Anna's scars. The subtextual commentary here remains incisive and yet the imagery refuses to become didactic or tiresomely metaphorical. As a result, POSSESSIVE boasts a "self-acceptance" message that actually resonates, and it is refreshing to see a deliberate genre mash-up prove itself to be a modern method of achieving such poignancy."

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