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A starving aspiring actor gets the chance to work with a spoiled rich star sparks fly. They’ll have to get past their personal insecurities to have a chance at more than an onscreen happy ending.

For Billy, acting is all about doing complex, challenging roles regardless of commercial success. For Selena, acting is about fame and fortune and being as successful as possible regardless of the quality of the work.

A successful Latin model/actress with major international recognition, Selena is set to star in her first US film. During rehearsals it soon becomes apparent that the chemistry between her and her intended co-star, Garrett, is non-existent. The two clearly bring out the worst in each other, on and off screen.

Recently evicted from his home, Billy accepts a job as a Production Assistant on Selena’s film. There the two literally bump into each other and shortly after, Billy helps Selena when she experiences a panic attack creating an initial bond between the two. After Garrett quits the film, the Producer has Billy stand in for Garrett during rehearsals while they work to recast.

It is immediately evident that: 1) – Billy is a gifted actor, 2) Selena does much better work with Billy and 3) there is an undeniable chemistry between the two. As rehearsals continue, their on and off screen relationship builds. When pictures hit the tabloids of the two of them, Selena’s parents and intended finance, Carlos, arrive in town to put a stop to whatever is going on.

Reminded of her career and life goals, Selena backs away from Billy. Billy confronts Selena and learns the truth about her relationship with Carlos but instead of backing down decides to fight for her. He must convince her that love is more valuable than money and success.

Pretend Love is a funny, touching Romantic Comedy about letting go of preconceived notions and insecurities for the chance to actually get everything our heart desires.

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Judy Norton is attached as the Director and will play the role of Joan Kelly. Judy is well-known for her role as "Mary Ellen Walton on the iconic television series "The Waltons." Michael Z Gordon is attached as one of the producers.

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The Writer: Dan Guardino

Dan Guardino – Screenwriter/Producer Agent: Legacies…A Literary Agency, WGA Signatory Mary Ann Amato.

Dan adapted the trilogy of screenplays “GLASS HOUSE” - Director/Producer Charles Picerni Sr. - along with “HOT STUFF”, Director Vic Armstrong, for Carmen Stevens Productions, later ‘optioned’ by Kensington Publishing/Media L.A. Dan wrote the movie script, “MY OWN WORST ENEMY” for L.A. Producer Michael Z. Gordon of Americana Films & My Own Worst Enemy LLC. He is also the Script Consultant for “HEART STOPPER”, a Michael Z. Gordon production with Keith Holland as the Director. Dan adapted to screenplay, both, “Mirror Maze” and “Beyond Paradise” for film producer Michael Z. Gordon... Go to bio

Agency: Legacies…A Literary Agency
Agent: MaryAnn Amato

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