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What happens when the world's most prestigious auction house is dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century?

Adam Haines, Priestley’s head auctioneer, arrives to work on the morning of the first sale for the season with a spring in his step. After settling into his office however, he is informed by his PA that The Mirror has managed to get a hold of some emails between himself and a wealthy Russian client about a hunting trip they took together the weekend before. To make matters worse, an unfortunate typo in the exchange makes the trip appear far more sinister than it was intended.

Down in the Valuations department, Sarah, Renata and Denise are dealing with the usual influx of queries that have come in over the weekend. The day seems mostly normal, until the arrival of a client with a rather lewd work of art.
In the Pictures Department, The Old Master’s team and the Contemporary Art team are clashing over concepts of appropriate nudity, brought on by the display of the recently acquired work from Valuations.

As he arrives to hold the sale, Adam realises that he has to keep his cool in front of the crowd despite the salacious news story that has just broken about him. He does his best to act professional as the sale starts. Afterwards, everyone seems to breathe a sigh of relief that the story went mostly unnoticed to the crowd, until the wealthy Russian appears in the saleroom to meet with Adam unexpectedly.

That afternoon, as the drama of the day seems to subsided, Adam is called to a lunch meeting with the Managing Director and Chairman of the company. They lecture him about things like diversity and social media and how they must begin to embrace them in order to appeal to a younger generation. Adam is not convinced. But soon they reveal to him their secret weapon for saving the company from fading into irrelevance; Collette Branigan.

Submitted: January 17, 2020
Last Updated: January 17, 2020

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The Writer: Rohan Stephens

I consider myself simply a writer first and foremost. I look for stories to tell. Good stories. Interesting stories. Stories that capture moments and feelings in time, that replicate as best as possible our greatest loves, fears, joys and horrors. If that story is best told in a short, a feature, a novel or a poem, then so be it. It will make its own way there. I’m just here to see it come to life. My name is Rohan Stephens and I am a London based, Australian raised, semi-professional adult, full time homosexual, casual traveller and freelance citizen of the world. And I of course, write. My stories tend to be about characters typically associated with queer culture. Not necessarily gay,... Go to bio

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