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Promise Me

A once flourishing woman, now at the end of her life, struggles to ensure that her recently reconciled son does not make the same mistakes that she did.



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Promise Me paints a touching, intimate portrait of one dying woman's final day on Earth and her plight to right the wrongs of her past while attempting to convince her recently reconciled son not to follow in her footsteps. Promise Me broaches the topic of Death with Dignity in an environment where the practice is not legal, but shows the reality of a situation that happens in America on a daily basis.

The script and subsequent film were part of my undergraduate thesis in the Department of American Studies at the University of Texas.

This is a "single moment" script/film, and is what would be the final scene of a longer version.

I encourage you to watch the film (Linked) instead of reading the script. I feel like that is a better medium for this story.

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Gayland Williams ... Stella
Craig Nigh ... Owen
Teagan Jai Boyd ... Lizzie
Judy McMillan ... Rita
Step Rowe ... Debbie

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Promise me won the very first "Sofie Cares" award from The 6th Annual Short Film Awards (AKA "The Sofies") on November 21, 2020.

Austin Film Festival - World Premiere
SNOB (Somewhat North of Boston) Film Festival
ITSA Film Festival
Back in the Box Competition (Non screening event)
Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival
Trail Dance Film Festival
North Carolina Film Awards (Non screening event)
Boomtown Music and Film Festival
Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes y Arte sobre Enfermedades
Red Wasp Film Festival
The Brightside Tavern Shorts Fest
Omaha Film Festival
El Dorado Film Festival
Pasadena International Film Festival
Cape Fear Independent Film Festival
Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Sociales SOLO PARA CORTOS
Depth of Field International Film Festival (Non screening event)
Maryland International Film Festival
Clean Shorts Film Festival
Milledgeville Film Festival
Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival
Worldfest Houston International Film Festival
Hang On To Your Shorts Film Festival
Hill Country Film festival
International Freethought Film Festival
Women Deliver Arts and Cinema Corner
High Desert International Film Festival
GI Film Festival
Near Nazareth Festival
Ekurhuleni International Film Festival
ASTO Short Film Festival
Swedish International Film Festival
The Artists Forum Festival of the Moving Image
Toronto Film Week
The Sunny Side Up Film Festival
Georgetown Film Festival


Alaska International Film Awards 2016
Best Drama
Kevin Machate

Awareness Film Festival 2016
Special Jury Prize
Kevin Machate

Back in the Box, California 2015
Best Film
Kevin Machate

Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival 2017

Bonehead Award Best Actress in a Short Film
Gayland Williams

Best Picture Short Film
Kevin Machate

Best Actress in a Short Film
Gayland Williams

El Dorado Film Festival 2016
Oxford American Southern Made Short Films competition

Depth of Field International Film Festival Competition 2016
Award of Exceptional Merit
Drama Short Film
Kevin Machate

Festival Internacional de Cine Social Castilla-La Mancha 2016
Young Jury Prize
Kevin Machate

Festival Internacional de Cortometraje Social Solo para Cortos 2016
Special Mention Best Screenplay
Kevin Machate

Hill Country Film Festival, US 2015
Best Short Screenplay
Kevin Machate

International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema, Berlin 2016
Best Lead Actress in a Short Film
Gayland Williams

Best Director
Kevin Machate

Maverick Movie Awards 2016
Best Screenplay: Short
Kevin Machate

Best Actress: Short
Gayland Williams

North Carolina Film Festival 2016
Director's Award
Kevin Machate

Sunny Side Up Film Festival 2020
Best Child Actress
Teagan Jai Boyd

Best Director (Short)
Kevin Machate

Best Drama (Short)
Kevin Machate

Best Student Film
Kevin Machate

The Short Film Awards 2016
SOFIE Best Writing in a Narrative or Dramatic Short Film
Kevin Machate

Trail Dance Film Festival 2016
Best Short Drama
Kevin Machate

Festival Director's Award
Kevin Machate

WorldFest Houston 2016
Platinum Remi Award
Independent Shorts - Dramatic - Original

WorldFest Houston 2015
Platinum Remi Award
Best Screenplay (Short)

Promise Me (2015)
Submitted: May 17, 2020
Last Updated: November 22, 2020

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The Writer: Kevin Machate

Kevin graduated from the University of Texas, with a BA in American Studies and minor in History in 2015 and got his MBA in 2019. Not surprisingly, he uses none of these educational credentials for his job. Although he began his film career as an actor, he quickly moved into Producing and eventually Directing. Kevin's films have won numerous awards worldwide having been screened in various cities in the US, Europe, South America, Oceania, and Asia. Kevin has directed six short films and his credits as a producer have exceeded 50 at the time of this writing. His recent works include three short series starring Golden Globe and Tony Award winner Barry Bostwick and Saturn Award Winner Doug... Go to bio

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