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Quantum Theory

Two women of science build a device with the power to alter reality itself... and a sinister defense contractor steals the prototype!



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For Dr. Chelsea Barrington and Dr. Gertrude Monroe, quantum theory represents an opportunity to change the world. Their research pits mind over matter, their work has made them renegades... and their experiment is a complete success!

For Loki Defense Initiatives, quantum theory is the key to controlling reality itself. When Barrington and Monroe refuse to sign LDI's defense contract, LDI steals their data and uses their own prototype against them. Trapped in an alternate reality of LDI's design, tricked into working for a dummy scientific institute called Fulcrum Laboratories, Chelsea and Roe are tricked into perfecting their research for military applications...

...until the girls uncover LDI's deception! To reclaim their technology and their world, Chelsea and Roe will have to steal the prototype from a company with unlimited resources, the ability to monitor their every move, and power over the very fabric of reality.

No problem has ever been so complex that Chelsea Barrington and Gertrude Monroe could not solve it. Nothing has ever held them back for long, and nothing has ever come between them. Now, LDI is using their own research against them to make their worst nightmares come true.

Can Chelsea and Roe save the universe from the technology they created, and the defense contractor who wields it?

Submitted: August 21, 2022
Last Updated: September 4, 2022

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The Writer: Tennyson Stead

I'm an award-winning writer, director, and script doctor who has written over 50 screenplays, with ten scripts produced, sold, or under option in addition to the dozens I've ghostwritten as work for hire. Compounding more than 25 years of production experience on stage and screen, I've also logged over a decade of experience as an independent film development and finance executive. Today, my efforts include serving the film industry as a screenwriter, script doctor and ghostwriter, as well as writing and producing a very ambitious space adventure gaming and transmedia project called Jump Rangers. Recent, credited screenwriting work includes Emagine Content's tentpole sci-fi action film... Go to bio
Law Firm: https://apps.calbar.ca.gov/attorney/Licensee/Detail/209935

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