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After being viciously attacked, a single mother & strip club owner seeks justice with the help of her girlfriends & the inception of their female gang is born...  QUEENS OF THE NIGHT

After a long day and night at the ‘Queens of The Night’ Go-Go Bar, HARLEY NOVAK (37) the sexy, tattooed owner, closes for the night and finds herself alone in the club. MICHAEL ROZEN (41) her hotshot, wealthy former lover, unexpectedly shows up at the bar. He is drunk and wants to continue the party. She is not interested and adamant that their relationship is over. He forces his way into the club. She has a .9mm Glock in her back waistband. Michael attacks Harley after she tells him to go home to his family. She attempts to grab the Glock, but it gets stuck in her waistband and falls to the floor. Michael beats her up and attempts to rape her. She bites him on the face, retrieves the Glock and unloads the clip. The next morning, EVELYN NOVAK (58) Harley’s youthful, attractive mother, is quite concerned when she realizes that Harley didn’t come home the night before. She hides it from her grandchildren.

VIVIANA CLAUDIO (41) Harley’s no-nonsense, partner in crime and TINY (35) the big black bouncer find Harley bloody and beaten. Harley tells them what happened. Viviana wants to kill Michael, but Harley has something far more interesting up her sleeve. OFFICER DARYL MARCEC (39) pulls into the parking lot as Viviana and Tiny help Harley to their car. They lie to him and tell him that Harley fell down the stairs. He knows that they are lying. Officer Marcec takes Harley to the ER. They have history. She has a slight concussion, several broken ribs and a broken ankle. He drives her home.

Michael comes home to his trophy wife, STACEY (20’s) bruised and bandaged. He lies and tells her that he was carjacked. Harley takes care of her injuries and her children DANIEL (6) and KENNEDY (7). Viviana holds down the fort at the club. When DAVE (30’s) a regular at Queens, offers Viviana cocaine in exchange for a blow job, she unleashes an intense verbal assault and it almost gets physical. CHASTITY (26) Viviana and Harley’s smoking hot sister, researches what Dave does for a living on the internet. He is a computer programmer and seemingly does very well financially.

Viviana checks in on Harley. She brings her coffee and is carrying TWO DOZEN WHITE ROSES. Viviana goes on to remind Harley that today is the day that her biological mother killed her father. They are both sad. TWO DECADES earlier, Viviana’s father and Evelyn were in love. Viviana begins to rant about Dave’s inappropriate proposition at the club. She suggests that the next time he’s in Queens, they overcharge his credit card and with that subtle comment, Harley’s brilliant scheme of getting justice for what Michael did becomes crystal clear. They are going after Michael’s money and they are going to tell his wife everything.

Years earlier, ANTHONY (40’s) Viviana’s father, drinks at the local pub, where EVELYN (35) is a bartender. They begin a friendship, but they have chemistry. When Anthony returns home for the night, he is confronted by his angry wife MARIE (40’s). Viviana (17) is awoken by her mother’s shouting. Viviana and Marie get into an ugly physical confrontation.


Unlike the typical tough guy Italian Mob, Urban Street Gang or Hardcore Biker Club, these ladies are intelligent, cunning and their criminal endeavors revolve around smart, white collar crimes. The narrative of Season 1 takes place during the present and flashes back 20 years. Currently, our ladies of Queens of the Night operate with somewhat of an outlaw mentality. When one of them is attacked, they come together as one and execute an ALMOST flawless, brilliant plan of getting justice against the attacker. They must also juggle the trials and tribulations of motherhood, ex-husbands and attempting to live a normal life. The flashback sequence, tells the story of one of our ladies, falling in love with a married man which ultimately ends up in a double murder. One of the murders is committed by one of our leads when she is only 17 years old & this lifelong bond is formed with three of our leads

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Present Day


Drama, Crime Drama, Gangster, Mystery & Suspense, Crime Thriller, Erotic Thriller, Psychological Thriller

After an incident that leaves her beaten and nearly raped, a single mother and strip club owner seeks justice and eventually forms a bond with her girlfriends over a dark secret that they come to share.

It's certainly an original and edgy world and the writing here strongly articulates the grit and grime of the setting. The subject matter and underlying themes of female empowerment, justice, and feminism are well thought out and timeless in these pages. Harley is an intriguing protagonist in our story. She's strong-willed and self-possessed. Someone who cuts through this slimy world and has the ability to impose her will when necessary which makes the opening sequence all the more powerful when we have to see her vulnerable and nearly raped. The plot escalates the moment we see Michael return to his family with his false story of a carjacking. And the subsequent narrative that Viviana and Harley cook up to get him back is one we're excited to see play out. The script kicks into overdrive quickly and it all builds to an intense and gruesome conclusion reminiscent of 'THE DEPARTED' leaving us on edge about how these characters are going to have to band together in the wake of these immense secrets they share. Ultimately, it's an ambitious undertaking and the dark underworld the author builds on the page for our characters makes for a satisfying and truly memorable read.

TV series potential:
It's refreshing to see multiple powerful female roles in a typically male-dominated world like this one (we need more like these!) and when the script is at its best it feels right for cable or digital platforms. Still, it feels like the story itself could benefit from further development. But with a focused rewrite, it wouldn't be a surprise for a project with gritty, solid writing to find a home in the current market.

Present Day

Strip Club, Town

Drama, Crime Drama

The brutal attack of a female strip club owner triggers painful memories of her family’s past.

There is a lot that works about QUEENS OF THE NIGHT. The pilot starts off strong with an effective cold open. Michael’s violent attack against Harley not only sets the story in motion, it ends with a compelling cliffhanger guaranteed to entice an audience into watching further. The pilot makes the purposeful decision to showcase the brutality of violence in order to display the resiliency of it’s women. This is especially true during the cold open scene, which sets the tone for the series (and it’s female protagonist) at the top of the piece. Additionally, the writer has a solid grasp on pacing and does a good job building suspense. The flashback scene involving the murder of Viviana’s parents is gripping and filled with tension, regardless of the fact that the audience already knows of it’s eventual outcome. Lastly, QUEENS OF THE NIGHT does a good job building the world of the series. The detailed setting of the club helps gift the show it’s strong point-of-view. This is enforced through this episode’s grounded, yet edgy dialogue consistent throughout the script.

TV series potential:
There is a lot that works about QUEENS OF THE NIGHT. The pilot is tonally solid and has a distinct point-of-view. A foundational plan for series will help prove sustainability to potential buyers. It would have it’s best chance at a cable and/or streaming network.

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