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Following a bloody encounter between the FBI and a pair of serial killers, a distraught woman travels across country, unaware that her fiance's murderer and the FBI are on her trail.

Following a bloody encounter between the FBI and a pair of serial killers, Shelby Weir and her partner/lover Jack Wolf are relaxing together. Unsettled by her almost getting killed in the encounter, Jack proposes to her, determined that they should be more than just friends and lovers. Shelby is ecstatic, but their celebrations are cut short by the violent arrival of Mark Crowe. He's psychotic: his girlfriend lost their baby in the clash with Jack and Shelby, and he's determined to make them both pay, brutally and fatally. In the ensuing struggle, Mark is shot but Jack is viciously stabbed; he dies in hospital, and part of Shelby dies with him. Stunned and numb, totally lost without him, she leaves the hospital and begins an aimless meander across the country. Alerted by the shooting, the police arrive at the hospital just as Shelby leaves - they have Crowe, who is still alive.
Some weeks later Shelby reaches a small isolated town, unaware Crowe is on her trail, having escaped from hospital, and he in turn is being tracked by an FBI agent and the local sheriff. As a winter storm begins to smother the town, the parties collide in a brutal and bloody encounter…but not everyone is who they appear, and the revelations will have lethal consequences for some.

Submitted: May 4, 2017
Last Updated: May 5, 2017
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The Writer: Richard Hudson

I'm an aspiring writer. i have written 8 screenplays and am currently in the midst of my 9th. i've been submitting to competitions etc to try and get visibility, been a finalist a couple times but nothing spectacular so far. i've also done novel and 5-issue comic versions of one of my scripts, and am plotting the novel sequel to it. thanks for your interest, hopefully something i've done appeals to you... Go to bio

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