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Feud breaks out between a male and female rapper who soon discover they have a common enemy who has secretly orchestrated their enmity. They must drop feud and team up: ride or die!

NB: Rappers & Toasters exhibits beautiful musical lifestyle, and conveys racial unity plus philanthropic heartedness.

Enjoy the full synopsis below:

In the South Bronx, as a US-based African rapper, Genny Ini, welcomes the press at her home, a car belonging to her neighbor, an American rapper, Com Flits, is remote-controlled from his home trespassing it into hers and disorganizes the press visit. Since the car is driverless, Genny alleges in the media spotlight that Com planned the press visit disorganization as a publicity stunt for his new album; she shortly after confronts him and the two begin feuding as she does not believe Com who denies her allegation.

A man, Zouave whom Genny denied a love relationship years ago while in Africa has now gone psycho, wanting to get even with her by not giving her a chance to be fallen for by any man. So, as he suspects Com could possibly fall for her, he orchestrates the Genny-Com feud by administering the remote controlling of Com’s car after its system is without Com’s knowledge hacked into. Zouave is also planning to ravish Cynthi Mo, a daughter Genny birthed to Philly, the dude she chose instead of him back then in Africa although they later broke up as she was under frustration of being a teen mother.

Cynthi breaks into feud with her Jamaican course mate, Lim, whom she disrespectfully refers to as not being a better ragamuffin toaster than her. From there, the story becomes an intense affair of rap and toast battles and challenges between Com Flits, his friend Billy, and Lim who joins the two, against the arrogant pair; Genny and Cynthi. They seek professional evaluation from a DJ-accompanied street diva judge of rap and toast contenders, Top Streeter Judge T, each hoping to be labeled the best.

With the aid of a journalist, Beatrice, and a one comedic Sheriff Cool, things unfold before the feuding parties that they have a common enemy, Zouave. They all make up and join forces with Cool and Beatrice, and soon take advantage of Zouave’s secret illegal drug dealing getting him apprehended.

Genny insists to Com that they should have a one-on-one free style hip-hop rap battle at Judge T’s evaluation street as she had promised on a television broadcast before. The battle session ends in the two hugging and kissing.

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The Writer: Jerry Edmund

A screen/song writer and acting art creative with film artistry dating way back in childhood; in class seven at primary school, just 13 years old of age, inspired by love for acting, wrote a short film script; but was not filmed though. Some stumbling blocks as years passed but never gave up! For more, read my memoir articles as listed below along with their links: Stage 32 published -- The Thin Line Betwixt A Creative's Discouragement: https://www.stage32.com/blog/The-thin-line-betwixt-a-creative-s-discoura... Script Revolution published -- My Ever Remembered Teacher: https://www.scriptrevolution.com/blog/my-ever-remembered-teacher Go to bio