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An ordinary high school nobody assembles a crew of misfits to join a tournament of “ratball”, a kickball-oriented gymnasium sport, to give unnoticed others like himself a fair chance to play.

Sean is an average high school student who loves sports, but that seems to be his problem—he’s average. He’s just… well… normal. And as most people know, unfortunately in high school, “normal” doesn’t always cut it, especially in sports, and especially according to students like jock star jerk Mark Maddox, who rules Sean’s school with an athletic thumb and an arm around any beautiful girl of his choice. It’s not that Sean is bad at sports, or unattractive, but he’s reached the breaking point where enough is enough. And when a local tri-county tournament is announced for “ratball”—a kickball-oriented indoor gymnasium sport—he knows he’s found the perfect opportunity. It’s a chance for anyone and everyone aged young adult and older to step up and play simply for the enjoyment of playing without any required talent—a notion that would be all that much sweeter to pummel Mark and his super-team of cronies with. But when Sean holds tryouts for his team with co-captain and bizarrely-humorous best friend Robbie in tow, he has no clue of what he’s getting himself into! Oddballs from all walks of life show up looking for a chance at sports stardom—people like “Geezer”, an old man in a walker bordering death (if he can make it through the first inning, anyway). Or “Man-at-Arms”, an armless young prospect (because he at least still has feet to kick with, right?). Or perhaps even “Smiley”, the boy cursed with a rare disorder that causes him to have a permanent smile on his face all the time (they’re gonna need all the team spirit they can get). The list goes on with an assortment of others with more “unique” qualities to round out the craziest freakshow this unheard-of sport has ever seen. And despite Robbie’s advice to consider otherwise, Sean realizes that the motley crew is exactly the perfect example he’s trying to set in his quest of playable fairness. But things can often be easier said than done, and when the team gets destroyed by Mark’s crew in the very first game, they don’t have very high hopes (especially in the case of “The Ant”—he’s the team’s midget—err, uh, “little person”). However, it ain’t over ‘til Big Mac (the team’s fat giant) sings, and in comes new-but-rebellious-with-attitude-girl-in-school Shayna Ruthers—a short-haired savior with a golden foot for kicking balls. Hard. Sean’s whimsical charm convinces her to join the ranks with the team’s status quickly turning around as a force to be reckoned with through the tournament behind her home-runs—and if he’s lucky, a personal trip with her to third-base and beyond. Suddenly, big bad boy Mark Maddox might not be so tough after all, and his sure-fire championship trip might just be threatened enough to make his face as pale as “Whitey”—Sean’s official team albino. So sign up for a hilarious underdog sports comedy that proves the best way to play is as yourself (even if you have a “Type One osteogenesis imperfecta” condition that causes your brittle bones to break with the slightest touch). Ratball—it’s balls to the wall!

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Quarter Finalist, The Monthly Film Festival (August-September 2016 Edition)

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The Writer: Dan O'Sullivan

Dan O'Sullivan is an American screenwriter of widely-diverse genre titles with nearly sixty awards and contest placements. His strengths rely on sharp, snappy dialogue and fantastic vision of detail to create engaging, believable, original and memorable stories. In addition, he has self-published four acclaimed books available exclusively at www.lulu.com. Graduate of the New York Film Academy and Brooklyn College for screenwriting. Go to bio

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