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Rattlesnake Dancer



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ORTEGA HIGHWAY script (THIS is a sequel)
A year after Ortega Highway, Detective Mallik and Elvis are embroiled into another murderous caper involving cruel, evil forces moving against tribal customs and mores.


Action Adventure Film-Noir Crime

A year after the events depicted in (the award winning) ORTEGA HIGHWAY, Mallik and Elvis are back! They are called in to help a Native American shaman get to the bottom of an evil scheme to deprive him of his livelihood and the continuance of his life's works.

This is a DRAFT of work-in-progress.

Submitted: September 23, 2019
Last Updated: September 23, 2019

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The Writer: C.J. Walworth

Mr. Walworth is an author of several books. Mr. Walworth is particularly pleased with his Super Hero Comic Books, including the series of “Super Underwear Man adventures.” His works have garnered several semi-important awards and direct-to-video releases. My spec screenplay ORTEGA HIGHWAY received a top-20 Austin Film Festival award, along with invaluable feedback. The ALL NEW Ver.8 PDF is loaded. My full-time job as a parachute jump instructor is on hold for eighteen months, because of the accident and the COVID virus, which apparently was waiting for me at the hospital. Good news is that I can get back to work, once all the casts are removed.~Nov. 2021. Cheers! -C.J.Walworth Go to bio
Law Firm: W.E. Budman (ret)

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