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Five friends become the unsuspecting cast of an interactive horror movie streamed live on the dark web.

Jacob feels that there is a desensitisation in today’s society, believing viewers can no longer be entertained or shocked via the normal medium of watching a horror movie. Coinciding with this belief and his vision of interactive movies he has created `Kroak’d Productions` and Ravenhouse, an isolated manor house fitted with concealed cameras which stream live on the dark web. Bitcoin paying collaborators can log on and get to know the unsuspecting cast, switching between room to room with a full view of the entire property and its grounds.

When the show starts the collaborators can vote for the cast member they want to see killed first, then carry on until the cast is no more. The tally is available only to Jacob as when a character receives 500 votes they are next up. The lucky 500th voter can then choose the predator and murder weapon, thus controlling the movies narrative.

A siren indicates when a 500th vote has been reached and sounds again to indicate that voting can recommence. The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss II plays to indicate that a selection is being brought to fruition.

Jacob feels this audience interaction is the next step in movie making. His only barrier is his uncontrollable main draw and lead predator, Cranston. An intelligent schizophrenic, who transforms when he dons a Venetian Zanni Mask. Cranston shows Jacob the difference between a real life psychopath and an actor.

Competing with Cranston for center stage is Jacob’s daughter, Claudia aka The Bitch, a manic beauty whose blood lust is matched only by her thirst for fame. The opening scenes depict them both in full swing as we view the climax of Jacobs’s last picture, Ravenhouse VI. Our third and final predator is Samuel, Jacob’s reliable ‘fixer’. An ex hit man who can take direction and think on his feet when required.

Jacob’s son Carl is tasked with sourcing guests to stay at Ravenhouse. By tempting a work colleague and her friends with a free weekend break we have the cast of Ravenhouse VII.

Dan and Alex are at a crossroads in their relationship. Dan is struggling with the move into adulthood, feeling lost and frustrated that his adult life is not how he imagined it. Alex is keen to move on in the way a ‘thirty something’ should, though she loves him dearly she feels life is passing her by and it may be time to let him go.

Given their current money struggles they jump at the chance of the free weekend break, accompanied by three friends, Mark and Chloe who are Dan and Alex’s respective best friends along with Jack a friend of Dan’s and thorn in the side of Mark and Chloe’s relationship. They both know this weekend needs to signify a fresh start or it will be their last time spent together as a couple.

As the group enjoy the weekend the collaborators begin to judge and the voting commences. After the first siren the group descents into chaos as they try to figure out what hell they have found themselves in.

As the cast fight for survival and Claudia competes for top billing it becomes Jacobs’s most intriguing picture to date and we find out just how good of a director he really is.

The brutal death of Mark sends Dan on a spiral of violence and self discovery.

The closing scenes show his all to late visualisation that life is to be lived and not pondered, a harsh lesson delivered by The Bitch as she steps into the spotlight to become the star she so craves and Jacob’s master plan is achieved.

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The Writer: Dave Evans

I’m a lifelong film fan from the UK, especially the horror genre. Please check out my first screenplay, paying homage to the slasher flicks I love from the 70s and 80s called “Ravenhouse”. I’m currently hard at work on my second, a religious horror titled “Mortal Sin”. I look forward to being inspired by other writers work and receiving feedback on my own. Cheers. Go to bio