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Reap & Sow

A recipe for disaster starts when a young man starts a relationship with a lady escort and the two become the targets to a Russian mobster.



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A young man named Nick Valens and his girlfriend, Suzie, enjoy their time alone in the men's bathroom together. They just finish having sex, while Suzie returns to work and Nick goes to his job at a local motel. Nick crosses paths with Rachel, an escort and one of the customers staying at the motel. Unable to resist Rachel's advances, Nick and Rachel have sex together. For his infidelity, Nick is fired from his job. Suzie shows up at Nick's front door and the two of them go out to eat. Suzie decides to end their relationship after telling Nick she is pregnant.

Nick starts working at a fast-food restaurant and is greeted by Rachel once again. With nothing holding him back, Nick starts a relationship with Rachel and is introduced to her pimp, Xander. Xander pays Nick to take Rachel out of town and show her a good time. Nick turns down the money and leaves. Nick's conscience tells him otherwise after Rachel requests Nick to have Suzie get an abortion but Nick rebuffs the idea and leaves Rachel. In a dream, Nick encounters slugs chasing a cat and becomes alarmed after the slug talks to him. Nick wakes up and rushes to Suzie's bedside at the ultrasound for the baby.

That night, Rachel has a party and calls Nick. She offers herself to any man at the party. Two of the party-goers take Rachel to the room and performs sex with her well she sleeps. Nick shows up and assaults the men but is arrested. Nick is bailed out and gets a surprise from Suzie and Rachel. He believes it is Suzie that bailed him out but it was actually Rachel. Suzie breaks up with Nick for good. Now knowing that they are bad for each other, Nick walks out and leaves Rachel behind in a diner, with no attempt in his heart to be with her.

Another dream comes to Nick when he encounters the slugs and surrounds a baby doll. Nick returns to his daily life as a fast-food worker and is called by the hospital that Suzie lost the baby. In his last attempt to win her back, Suzie pushes him away. Nick leaves, heartbroken but able to accept the damage he has done. Now in rehab, Rachel gets herself clean and calls Nick but Nick tells her he's not sure if he's good for her. Going with his good heart, Nick goes and visits her. A decision to live together comes from Rachel due to the fact that she can not live alone anymore. They return to having their sexual relationship, Rachel becomes pregnant, and Nick gets a higher paying job as a custodian. Rachel gives birth to a girl, and they name her Nicola.

Back home with the baby, Rachel gets a visit from her mother, Gladys. Gladys tempts Rachel with a bag of cocaine. Rachel turns it down but Gladys leaves it. Rachel pours the drugs down the toilet but sniffs the last bit left on her arm. Nick returns home from work and finds Rachel stoned. Gladys returns with a police officer and finds Nick with the empty bag from the cocaine. Nick is arrested but is bailed out of jail by Suzie. Nick returns to his apartment, and Rachel has left with their baby. Without question, Nick goes out and gets a law book to study. On his way home, Nick meets Brenda Michaels, a law student. The next day, Brenda calls Nick and invites him to her house for dinner. She accepts his case.

During the custody battle, Gladys sits on the stands and lies about being in the apartment but learns that Nick records everything that happens when he is not home. Nick wins and is granted partial custody of his daughter. Feeling betrayed, Xander pays a visit to Rachel as she is about to drive her car. He gives her a hot dose of cocaine. Rachel takes the shot while driving and dies in a car accident. Nick has a vision of Rachel while viewing her body and she mocks him. A thirteen-year-old Nicola lives her life with her father and stepmother, feeling complete

Not satisfied with Rachel being dead, Xander hires a girl named Joy to kill Nick. Joy poses as a troubled student at the high school and gets Nick to believe a story about abuse she experienced from a teacher. Nick takes Joy to his house and feeds her but is stabbed. Joy runs away and Nick dies in his own backyard.

Hours before Nick's funeral, Gladys is helping Nicola with her shoes but says the wrong thing to Brenda when Brenda tries to intervene. Brenda slaps her and ends up being sued for custody of Nicola. With no other choice to give Nicola to Gladys. Gladys locks Nicola into her new bedroom but Nicola breaks out through the window and is stopped by a police officer. Nicola decides to go to juvenile hall than live her life with her grandmother. Shortly after, Brenda tries to reason with Nicola but Nicola feels Brenda has brushed her away.

Brenda hires a homeless gambler, Shelly Owens, to look for new faces in the area of every high school. Now with Joy's job done, Xander gives Joy the last job to satisfy him as a man. Nicola is about to go home when Gladys insults her about her mother, and the two get into a physical altercation. The next week, Nicola returns home but is pulled down hard to the back of her head, and causes amnesia. Brenda confronts Gladys and warns her to never touch Nicola again.

Two years later, Joy attends another high school and has an encounter with Shelly while she hustles teenage boys out of their lunch money. The two look at each other, with a new friendship starting or keeping your enemy close.

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Krimson Horyzon International Film Festival Award Winner 2021

Submitted: June 6, 2021
Last Updated: August 17, 2022

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The Writer: Nicholas P

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