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An introverted art restorer slowly succumbs to the evil temptations of a centuries-old religious painting that shouldn't exist.



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“The painting has a life of its own. I try to let it come through.” - Jackson Pollock

Beatrice Matheson works as an art restorer at a major museum, burying herself in her career while ignoring her own artistic gifts. As she begins cleaning the museum's latest acquisition, she discovers that underneath the visible landscape on the canvas' surface hides an unbelievable treasure: the last known painting by one of the most reclusive Renaissance Masters of all time.

But as she uncovers this lost masterpiece piece by minuscule piece, people who have come in contact with the painting begin dying under horrific circumstances, each one overcome with visions from beyond.

Fearing the worst, Beatrice enlists the help of a nerdy colleague and her brother, an ordained Catholic priest, to unravel the truth behind the painting's origins. Soon it becomes clear that this is no mere image on canvas, but a mystical barrier between this world... and the world below.

As the barriers between reality and the unknown collapse around her, can Beatrice find the strength to resist the painting's temptations, and save the world from destruction?

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2022 Screencraft Horror Screenplay Competition - Quarterfinalist
2021 25th Annual Fade In Awards (Horror) - Semifinalist
2021 HorrorFest International - Finalist
2019 Filmmatic Horror Screenplay Awards - Finalist
2019 Scriptapalooza Screenplay Contest - Top 10
2018 Stage 32 Search For New Blood Contest - Finalist

Submitted: July 23, 2022
Last Updated: November 4, 2022

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The Writer: Don Stroud

Hailing from the wilds of North Carolina, I spent my formative years making my own comic books and toys. After a lengthy career in the software industry, I decided to dust off my artistic dreams and get back to creating. I became an editor in Hollywood, working on low-budget horror movies and award-winning documentaries. But after time spent playing with other peoples' toys, I decided to craft my own, and transfer the stories in my head to the written page. Over the last several years I have dedicated my energies towards screenwriting, producing some award-winning original screenplays in the process. My goal is to sit in a darkened theater and see my work up on the big screen. Go to bio

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