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After dying in a car wreck, a young man comes back from the dead, saves the life of a church girl and must deal with his abusive stepmother, along with the devil himself.



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After dying in a car wreck, Billy Torres wakes up in bed with a cheerleader, Lucie. During his walk down the street, he comes across a teen girl named Leah, who invites him to church. During the bible class, he begins to develop feelings for Leah. After class, Billy walks the streets again and meets the Devil disguised as a woman. He quickly learns his life is turned upside down and he has an abusive stepmother named Sierra. During the abuse, Billy gets a glimpse of Sierra's childhood. He is locked in his bedroom but gets a visit from the devil and escapes the bedroom.

Back at church, Leah plays a solo for the congregation and wows Billy with her singing voice. After the service, The Pastor invites Billy over their house for dinner and gets another performance from Leah. Somehow, Billy feels fortunate but knows he has to face the music when he gets home to Sierra. Confronted by his angry stepmother, and slapped, Billy gets another glimpse of how Sierra met his father, and how they became attracted to each other. The next morning, Billy walks to school and is greeted by Leah, who takes him to her school and sees the type of environment he wants to be in. After school, Billy guides Leah to get some tasty treats from a fast-food restaurant. Now home, Billy is pulled out of Leah's car by Sierra and assaulted but stopped by Leah. Sierra turns her attention to Leah and goes on attack mode. Billy gets another glimpse and finds put that Sierra is responsible for his father and sister dying in a car accident. Sierra gains custody of Billy when he was six years old, and that's how Billy's long nightmare began.

Shortly after, Sierra is arrested, and Billy is free. Now with no one else but Leah's parents to take him in. Billy is welcomed in with open arms. At Sierra's trial, Billy testifies against her. With a sentence of six months and his new life beginning, Sierra serves the sentence and is set free after group therapy sessions complete. Now with their newfound romance blossoming, Billy and Leah announce their wish to be together. With her parents blessing, Leah and Billy tie the knot. Across town, Sierra is working at a restaurant and is verbally insulted by a man customer. Again, the customer approaches Sierra but is taken down by the angry woman and brutally killed.

With their married life going smooth, Leah and Billy settle into their new home, but Billy learns of Sierra's recent act of violence. Leah learns she is pregnant but is shocked at the news. Now on the run, Sierra learns of Leah's new job offer and calls in for the job. She dyes her hair blonde and poses as the nanny of Leah's dreams. Again, Sierra comes across trouble when she insults a group of cheerleaders and is given the same treatment. With no conscience, Sierra shoots and kills one of the cheerleaders. Now with her plan in motion, Sierra calls Leah and asks her to meet her at the park. Billy feeling something is wrong and rushes to Leah's aid but is too late when Sierra takes her hostage. She shoots Leah and then Billy. In the end, it was all a glimpse of what could have happened. A young girl named Jocelyn reveals herself to be the holy spirit and was allowing Billy to see things differently. She allowed Billy to deal with the devil but knew he would not go for all the bait.

In his original timeline, Billy died while driving his wife Leah to the hospital. His sister, Ava is alive and waiting for the birth of his daughter. Sierra is a much more pleasant person and not the ruthless person she was in his glimpse. Leah awakens and learns that Billy is gone. It is revealed that Billy and Leah were on their way to hospital when Billy swerves off the road. He died after hitting a tree, after spotting the devil running across the road. The cheerleader Lucie is abducted by two men and brought into a strange room. Stripped of her clothes and left alone. The devil comes into a form of a serpent and a man. He forces himself on Lucie and impregnates her.

His last chance of seeing his wife and daughter comes. Billy leaves a white rose for Leah and says goodbye.

Submitted: January 17, 2023
Last Updated: April 3, 2023

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The Writer: Nicholas P

Hello, my name is Nicholas P, and welcome to my profile! I encourage other writers to find their voices and show their art! Everyone has a voice. I found mine in giving a lot of character to the scripts that I have written. Write on! All I can tell everyone that has a voice is to stick to it and continue to grow with your creativity. Keep going. I notify everyone that has request to read my scripts, that I will release them when the time is right, and all I ask is for your patience. As of this very moment, I am finished with the Issues series and there's no way of knowing if I want to pursue writing more shorts or screenplay's. I feel I have delivered. So, here are the complete lineup of... Go to bio

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