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Consumed by guilt, an ex-cop confronts the misdeeds of his bloody past. But when his friends are murdered, he risks his life and his very soul to stop a terrifying force from beyond the grave.



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Five years running from the past, and former cop Joe Hodges can still feel the pain. He can still feel the pain of the lies and the wound that caused them. A phone call pulls him home for the funeral of his partner, only to learn that she was not the first death. Nothing can prepare him for the horror he will soon face. Angry and unbending, Joe is confronted by Yvonne, the woman he abandoned and the love of his life. Their relationship was doomed from the start, and that doom hangs over them like an executioner's blade. Working to hide his anguish, Joe meets with his old friends. Angela and Abe are happy to see Joe again. Hal, Joe’s surrogate father and role model, treats Joe as nothing more than something to be endured. Too hurt and angry to take the first step, Joe allows the animosity between Hal and himself to grow. Before long, the anger that keeps them apart takes on a new dimension as one of their number is killed. His cop's mind engaged, Joe investigates the deaths of his friends.

Desperate to prove they were murdered, Joe's search for answers leads him into a darker mystery than he believes is possible. A secret that haunts them all has returned for vengeance. Joe is convinced that their actions in the past have led them to this pale justice. He strives to prove his case to both Hal and Yvonne, but they believe that Joe suffers from psychological trauma. As yet another of the group of friends is brutally murdered, Joe seeks the cold refuge of addiction. Arrested and shamed, Joe can only wait on his turn to die. Hal comes to his rescue, not out of love, but to settle an old debt. Joe and Hal part, nothing resolved, nothing forgiven. Desperate to leave town, Joe is once again confronted by Yvonne. No longer able to hide the truth, Joe confesses to Yvonne, and all of the dark secrets of the past are given voice. With Yvonne in tow, Joe tries to slip out of town. But his obsession with the truth leads to a solution for the dark pall that hangs over them. Joe and Yvonne return to the place where the evil that stalks them was given birth. Hal arrives and sacrifices himself to save Joe, but it's not enough. The powerful force that wants to destroy them just won't stop. When it comes to a choice between himself and Yvonne, Joe makes the only decision he can...but even that may not be enough to stop a restless spirit that reaches out to claim them all.

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Finalist at Shriekfest Film Festival screenplay competition.
Top 5 Finalist at Slamdance Film Festival screenplay competition.

Submitted: July 1, 2020
Last Updated: March 13, 2021

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The Writer: Jerron Spencer

Jerron is co-writer of the produced original swing musical Big City and an award-winning screenwriter with a focus on horror and horror-comedy. He has written or co-written more than a dozen screenplays, both on spec and for an indie producer. Jerron has also been a script reader and film judge for Shriekfest Horror Film Festival and Midwest Horror Film Festival. From an early age, Jerron has worked many different jobs--bus boy, comic shop clerk, pizza manager, liquor store clerk, big box retail sales, call center, human resources, and more!--all of which added material to his story-prone creative side. Even his hobbies fueled his future screenwriting. Reading comic books, playing Dungeons... Go to bio

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