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A nine-part web series that looks at that sometimes relationship defining moment where someone loses their wedding ring.

NOTE: Episode One script is completed and attached. Treatments for other episodes are listed below only for reference.

Episode One:

Clarissa is being coached by her lover on the phone to preserve with their plans for her to finally
leave her husband so they can be together. Huddled in the toilet of a café she talks quietly to him,
breaking down briefly, but then appearing to gather the courage to do it there and then. As she appears,
she sits down, composed and ready, but when she goes to speak her husband, notices she’s lost her
wedding ring. Slightly shocked herself, she attempts to dismiss it, brushing it off saying that it’s
probably back in the bathroom and tries to carry on with her plans. But before long the café staff
and other customers are all up and running about trying their best to help causing a huge scene.
Eventually a waitress appears, from the bathroom with a handful of filthy tissue with the ring,
to a rapturous applause from the rest of the café. Clarissa’s husband takes the ring, goes down
on one knee and places it back on her finger theatrically before jumping up to hug her tightly.
The customers continue to cheer while Clarissa dies quietly inside.

Episode Two:

In episode two, Gerry is is stunned one morning when his elderly and slightly senile wife of
50 years appears one morning without her wedding. After probing her she eventually tells
him that she's thrown the ring away because she isn't interested in being married to him
anymore because she's decided to be a lesbian. Shocked Gerry continues to probe her
and finds out that she doesn't fully understand what it means and seems to just want to
because of things she's seen on the news. He gets up, goes and finds her ring and places
it back on the table and reluctantly puts it back on.

Episode Three:

Jason arrives home from work to his husband Darren sitting on the couch
looking worried and upset. Hesitating at first, Darren begins to go into extreme detail about
an incident the night before where he ended up cheating on Jason. Jason listens on, upset
and angry but calm. After Darren finishes, they appear to be about to reconcile when
Jason notices Darren's ring is missing. Again, hesitating at first Jason elaborates further
that in the moment, things escalated somewhat and they engaged in some casual fisting.
The ring hence was lost in the process. Furious and mortified, Jason sits there stunned
only to be told that Darren assures him the guy will tell them in the next 24hrs if it's true.

Episode Four:

Michela, is sat in her kitchen quietly when her wife appears suddenly
looking stressed and upset. She bursts out crying that she thinks she's lost her wedding
ring and proceeds to apologise profusely. Michaela calms her down almost to the point of
mocking her reaction, even going as far to say she never cared for the ring herself. Getting
carried away in the moment, she continues on claiming to find the whole concept of
marriage just one big, heteronormative institution built around the subjugation of women
and that as a young, queer couple they probably shouldn't have even participated in it at
all. Just as she finishes, her wife lunges forward at the sink and plucks her wedding ring
from the window sill. 'Found it,' she says calmly, glaring at Michela as she storms out.

Episode Five:

John and Lisa are sat in a dimly lit cafe. John is showering Lisa with praise
saying he is the happiest he's ever been and proceeds to pull out a ring to propose. Lisa is
beaming with joy. Before he slips it on, John mentions to her that since the death of first
wife he's struggled to open up to which Lisa nods along sympathetically. He specifically
mentions he's found it hard to talk about her death and asks if it's ok if he finally can tonight.
Lisa agrees. Holding her hand out and beginning to slide on the ring, John proceeds to go
into extreme detail about the fateful day his wife decided to go for an early morning swim
on Australia only to be taken by a shark. When her remains washed up on the shore, her
left hand was the last thing to be located and much to everyone's surprise, still had her
engagement ring. The same ring he is now pushing towards the base of Lisa's hand. Just
as he finishes, Lisa reaches, mortified, flinging her hand towards her mouth to stop the
vomit hurling the ring across the room.

Episode Six:

Amy is at home relaxing in front of the fire when she realises her wedding
ring is missing. She tears apart her house searching for it, not seeing it anywhere.
Eventually she comes to a closet full of her coats and starts to search through them, but
still nothing. At a loss, she starts to look through her husbands coats tossing them one by
one into a pile on the floor. She reaches the final one and looks as if she might give up but
as she reaches inside she pulls out a lacy black g-string, a small bag of cocaine and a
condominium wrapper. She glares at them at for a moment, stunned. Back in her lounge
room is Amy sat in front of the fire with a large glass of wine as it roars and crackles in the
background. She hurls another one of her husbands coats towards it and it's instal lay
engulfed. Smiling she puts her hands in her pocket mindlessly but them pulls it back out
again revealing her lost ring. She examines it for a moment before tossing it towards the
flames also.

Episode Seven:

Manisha is at a restaurant with her boyfriend Troy when he reaches out
and proposes to her. She is beaming and before long the rest of the restaurant joins in the
celebrations. Afterwards, Manisha is outside smoking and crying hysterically into her
phone to her friend. She shouts that she hates the ring, the stone is too small and she
thinks it looks cheap and doesn't know what to do about any of it. She pauses when she
sees a shady looking man across the street and quickly hangs up the phone. Approaching
him slowly she attempts to make her ring look as obvious as possible in an attempt to try
and get him to steal it from her but he ignores her. Eventually she approaches him and
asks him just to take it but he tries to run off. Manisha grabs him and a scuffle ensues as
he struggles to free himself. Troy appears at the entrance of the restaurant and instantly
runs over to help. The man eventually escapes but realising she still has the ring Manisha
hurls it's at him before turning to Troy and collapsing in his arms dramatically, claiming to
have just been mugged. He calms her down and Manisha smiles smugly to herself after he
assures her not to worry about the ring, that they'll buy a new one together. But just as
they go to walk off, Troy dives down into the gutter plucking the ring proudly from the street
and placing back on her finger.

Episode Eight:

Harold is being interview by someone off camera about his job as a
professional lost wedding and engagement ring locater. He is doing his best to not make it
sound like he's just a guy with a metal detector but is failing miserably. Even more so when
he reveals the unfortunate name his given his business; Ring Stingers. Out on the job,
Harold is stood on a beach scanning the shore with his detector as an older couple look
on. He is describing the process in painful detail to the interviewer off camera going so far
as to insinuate he is almost responsible solely for the success of these people's whole
relationships. Suddenly his detector goes off and he dives dramatically down to the sand
and starts brushing away the top level carefully before revealing a diamond ring. He races
up to the couple and the camera crew run after him. He presents the ring to the woman
who is crying before turning to the camera and giving another overtop speech about his
responsibilities. Behind him though, the couples elation turns to confusion. Harold notices
and asks them what the matter is to which the woman says softly that it's not actually her
ring. There's an awkward silence briefly as she examines it further before leaning in and
admitting though that she thinks she prefers it to her old one. Her husband nods along
agreeing also. Harold, ecstatic, turns to the camera and continues his grandiose speech
before the interviewer cuts him off and asks him about the people who that ring belongs to.
But he pretends to not hear her and trails off walking over to the couple hugging them and
joining in their celebration.

Episode Nine:

Melanie, a waitress at a Caribbean restaurant in South London is sat on
her phone in the toilet at work. She tells her friend on the other end that she's seen her ex
boyfriend arrive walked with another woman and she will have to wait on them all night. As
she leaves the toilet, she bumps into her friend's ex who doesn't recognise her but insists
she help him in the proposal he's about to make to his girlfriend. Melanie smiles and
reluctantly nods along. He hands her the ring and a note and explains that she needs to
hand his girlfriend the note and then have the ring brought out with desert. As the night
goes on, the man becomes increasingly rude to Melanie, berating her about being slow,
the quality of the wine, the prices and finally the food. He sends back his meal all but
shouting at her over it. She stands in the kitchen exasperated and annoyed trying to avoid
going out again. She sees one of the chefs in the kitchen piping chocolate onto a dessert
and pauses to watch. Melanie reappears again at the table with a dish at is concealed
under a silver lid and a letter. She smiles at the couple as she lays it down and winks at
the man as she subtly hands the girl the note. As the girl opens is we see it reads, 'Your
boyfriend tried to grab my tits.' The girl is shocked and starts crying and the man jumps up
instantly to console her. Before he does he rips off the lid of the desert and we see a
picture of a cock that's been piped in chocolate. The girls cries get louder and the man
rushes to comfort her. Melanie bursts out the restaurants backdoor, lights a cigarette,
examines the engagement ring for a moment before tossing in dumpster and walking off
into the night.

Submitted: December 29, 2019
Last Updated: December 29, 2019

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