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R.U.R., a 1920 stage play (public domain) by Karel Čapek
When human-like robots used as slaves realize they are stronger and smarter than their human masters, the robots revolt against mankind.

Alexa Roberts arrives at Roberts Robots, a robot manufacturing company. Alexa is the daughter of Rob Roberts, the inventor of the human-like robots and founder of the company.

At the factory, Alexa meets Harry Domin, the factory manager, who tells her the history of Roberts Robots. Alexa then meets Mr. Fabry, Dr. Gall, Mr. Alquist, Mr. Busman, and Dr. Hallemeier, employees of the factory.

Alexa inadvertently reveals that she is a representative of the League of Humanity, a human rights organization that wishes to free the robots. The men of the factory find this ridiculous because they see robots as machines, not as people.

Ten years later, Alexa and Harry Domin are married, and the two discuss the past 10 years of history, which has been shaped by the new worldwide robot-based economy. Alexa is deeply worried as world governments order more and more robots to be used as soldiers. In secret, Alexa destroys the formula to create the robots.

Meanwhile, the increasingly sophisticated robots are growing dissatisfied with their slavery to the human race. The robots realize that they are stronger and more intelligent than most humans, and the robots begin a revolt against humankind.

As Robot forces lay siege to the factory, Alexa reveals that she has destroyed the formula to make new robots. The factory workers defend their actions, despite the fact that their imminent deaths are a direct result of those actions. Robots storm the factory and kill all the humans except Mr. Alquist, because, as a builder, he works with his hands as they do.

Forty years later, all humans have been killed by the robots except Mr. Alquist, now 80 years old. He has been working to recreate the formula that Alexa destroyed, but because he is not a scientist, he has made no progress.

Alquist begs the robot government to search for surviving humans, but there are none. Officials from the robot government approach Alquist and order him to complete the formula, even if it means he has to dissect living robots to discover the secret.

Finally, Alquist agrees to dissect one of the robots. He is disgusted by the surgery and his part in it, and he discovers nothing new from the dissection.

Alexa reappears, looking exactly as she did 40 years earlier. The “daughter” of the inventor of the robots, Alexa herself is a robot, but she didn't find out until years after the revolt when she realized she wasn't aging as a human should be.

Robots Primus and Alexa have developed human feelings and fall in love. Playing a hunch, Alquist threatens to dissect Primus and then Alexa. Primus begs Alquist to take him and spare Alexa; Alexa begs Alquist to take her and spare Primus. Alquist lets both of them live and suggests that the two are the new Adam and Eve, though they are unable to reproduce and will eventually wear out.

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The Writer: David Wagner

David Wagner graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a BA in Graphic Design and Media Arts. David's short film, I LIKE INSIDE BETTER, was a recent Official Selection of the Red Rock Film Festival in Utah. Go to bio

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