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Melody Rich is on vacation when an alien thrusts the key to a planet down her throat. Following a path of galactic ordeals, Melody strives to remove the key before it kills her—again.

Two hundred years from now, Melody Rich (25) plans to visit relatives on Riiuus 3. In the Wyoming spaceport, she learns that the planet Eden Only (home to aliens called Pales) has vanished. Seeking an illegal vacuum boat to save money, Melody disturbs an alien (a Renewal) who screams, “You have killed me!” then forces Melody to swallow an object. The Renewal is then killed by a Headhand. The ship’s pilot, a Pale named Eight-Man-Of-Strength, directs Melody to his boat. The final passenger is the disguised Headhand.

As the vacuum boat traverses the ether lanes, the Headhand and a Terran politician kill each other over Melody’s part in Eden Only’s disappearance. The planet has been “hidden” in second space by Headhands, who live separated from their heads. The Pales of Eden Only were punished for having humanely reattached many Headhands (Renewals). Discovered within Melody is Eden Only’s simulacrum, which cannot be retrieved by normal means. This simulacrum dictates the planet’s position in the universe.

Melody and Eight travel second space, guided by the map that is the dead Renewal’s reconstituted body. After being eaten by a huge megabug, kidnapped by space pirates, struggling with evil rocket ships, and facing down eternity at the border of life and death, Melody comes to the end of the map. In order to save his home world, Eight sells Melody to the Headhands, who remove her skull. The enlightenment she gains from decapitation allows Melody to retrieve the simulacrum, allowing Eden Only to return to its place. After surviving a surgical procedure more likely to kill than cure, Melody with reattached head returns home, having a vast adventure to relate, a terrible scar to explain.

Submitted: April 6, 2017
Last Updated: April 6, 2017

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The Writer: H. C. Turk

I'm a self-taught writer, sound artist, and visual artist living in Florida. My novels have been published by Villard and Tor. My short fiction, sound pieces, videos, and visual art have appeared in numerous magazines, web-sites, podcasts, film festivals, and radio programs. I hate writing bios and résumés. There, I said it. Go to bio

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