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Rodeo Rock Record Shop

A music aficionado tries to woo the girl of his dreams, a former indie rock star turned used record store employee, before the store goes out of business.



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The protagonist of the story is Cash Rivers. He is a music snob, loving all genres of music, but knowing exactly who and what he hates in each of those genres. His whole life he has tried to get some type of job in any capacity in the music industry - and he's failed at all of them. He was a DJ, a music reviewer, and even took guitar lessons but quit after three weeks because he just wasn't getting it. But more than anything, he's always wanted to date someone in the music profession.

Cash's best friend is Huddie Walker, an even bigger music snob than Cash. He and Cash have endless conversation, or shall I say disagreements, about singers, bands and music. Huddie is our comic relief in the story. He talks about indie bands no one knows that he pretends to like, yet he always makes references to the Spice Girls and Taylor Swift and other bubblegum music because he secretly enjoys that more. And while Huddie knows everything about music, he also knows about his friend Cash's longing to be with Melody Jacobs, a young woman who works at Rodeo Rock Record Shop, and was also the bassist for a girl pop-punk band, but quit the band just before they started making it big.

Melody left her band after her parents died. Having not really supported her music career, they had never seen her perform before. One night she finally talked them into coming to a show and they were killed by a drunk driver on their way there. Melody blamed herself and quit the band after that and eventually started working at Rodeo Rock.

Cash's other friend, Angela, who goes by Ang, is a young Asian girl who is a singer/songwriter and performs sometimes at Rodeo Rock. The reason Cash and her never got together is she is a lesbian. In the way that Huddie tries to help Cash by inadvertently giving him bad relationship advice, Ang is the opposite, always giving him good advice and giving it to him, ironically "straight".

Cash and Huddie have been frequenting Rodeo Rock every day, not to buy anything in the store - much to the the store owner's disapproval - but instead for Cash to have the opportunity to talk about music and be around Melody. Rodeo Rock is being forced to close and thus if Cash doesn't try and take the next step with Melody in their relationship, he could lose her forever. As for Melody, without the store, she has no other real world work experience other than being in a band and playing music, which is too hard for her to deal with still. She faces an unknown future of how she will pay rent, bills and whatnot. These situations that Cash and Melody find themselves in end up bringing them closer together -- until they finally have a sit down, deep discussion about music - and of course -- Cash has some different views than Melody, and he eventually offends her by insulting her taste in music which erupts into an even bigger argument between them.

While Cash has blown his chance to be with Melody because of his unrelenting musical opinions, Melody can't bring herself to ask her old band for another chance after leaving them high and dry.

Hoping to make up with Melody, Cash organizes a music benefit show at Rodeo Rock on the closing night of the store. He talks Ang into opening the show and Melody's old bandmates into headlining, with the hopes that Melody can join them onstage for a reunion. At first Melody is upset that Cash did all of this behind her back without asking her thoughts on the matter, but in the end, she does show up to the show and does join her old band for their set.

The script ends with Melody once again becoming the bassist for her old band and Huddie becoming the band's roadie. Cash gets the girl, and achieves his lifelong dream of doing something with the music industry - as he becomes the band's manager.

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* 2019 Independent Talents International Film Festival - WINNER Best Feature Length Screenplay
* 2019 Chicago Genre Screenplay Competition - 1st Place WINNER
* 2019 Chicago Genre Screenplay Competition - WINNER Best Comedy Screenplay
* 2019 Sunny Side Up Film Festival - WINNER Best 1st Time Screenwriter
* 2019 DaVinci International Film Festival - Finalist
* 2019 American Screenwriting Conference - Official Selection
* 2019 Houston Comedy Film Festival - Official Selection
* 2019 Las Vegas International Film & Screenwriting Competition - Official Selection
* 2020 London International Screenwriting Competition - Quarter-Finalist
* 2021 LA Screenplay Festival - Semi-Finalist
* 2021 Page Turner Screenplay Competition - Quarter-Finalist
* 2021 PixelsGARAGE Awards of Excellence - Popular Choice Award

Submitted: December 2, 2020
Last Updated: April 11, 2021

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The Writer: Devin Dugan

Devin Dugan is the founder and Artistic Director of ImprovCity , a multi-award winning improv troupe located in Orange County, CA. With over twenty-five years of improv experience, Devin has performed, taught and trained with numerous troupes across the country, including The National Comedy Theatre , The Second City Hollywood , ComedySportz , ComedyCity and Idiot Central just to name a few. When not doing improv, Devin is busy writing. He has written books and screenplays. He has also written for Nostalgia Digest magazine and was the creative mastermind behind the successful novelty book Improvisers Drawing Stick Figures . Besides writing, directing and appearing in television, films and... Go to bio

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