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Rogue Gentleman

A middle level office worker unexpectedly becomes an in-demand escort, but once the founder of his company becomes a client, he slowly uncovers a criminal network.



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When Johnny Biggleman, 32, looks at his family, he believes that marriage and family are a total sham and that people live behind appearances. Johnny’s attitude exasperates his best friend Victor, a future priest, who urges Johnny to find his way. After a turn of events forced him to split with his girlfriend, Johnny meets Sarah, an intriguing girl that holds back a secret.
In the meantime, Johnny parties and boozes up with hookups until, one day, a woman starts to pay for sexual games with him. She also sends new customers his way, and Johnny rapidly builds a client base, turning into a professional escort boy. However, he keeps contact with Sarah, hoping to know her better.
In his job, things are totally different. Johnny works as a simple computer programmer in a huge company. His colleagues notice a change in his behavior and become nosey. Meanwhile his colleague Vivian, an accountant, reports that unusual expenses are being made within the company. Johnny rapidly associates this with the hookers who hang out with the partners. But one of his nosey colleagues discloses Johnny’s secret activity, and reports it to his chief of department. Strangely, no big fuss is made of it.
Things get dirtier when Johnny realizes that one of his female clients, Marla, is the founder of his company. He is all the more thunderstruck to learn that Marla’s companion, Yurik, is cheating on her with Sarah. But Sarah claims that her relationship with this man is based only on mutual interests.
Johnny warns Marla that something sinister looms over the company. And then Vivian is killed for being too curious. Johnny also discovers that the chief of the department works hand in hand with Yurik to arrange business with the prostitutes. Yurik tries to escape and extorts money from Marla, but the police intercept him.
Johnny kills the chief of department. He learns later that this man is the son of the rival company’s boss. It was his goal to infiltrate Marla’s company and to take control.
Johnny gives Yurik a chance at redemption by restoring all the contracts taken by the company. Once everything is restored, Marla wants to hand off the company to Johnny, but he refuses. He’s tired of all the craziness and wants to get in line by marrying Sarah.

Submitted: October 10, 2020
Last Updated: April 13, 2021

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The Writer: wilfred cheng

Iaorana.... Hi my name is Wilfred Cheng. I am originally from Tahiti. I did all my school years in my wonderful island and had to exile myself from my paradisiacal environment to study in France because at that time universities were not yet available in Tahiti. I landed in the south of France, in Aix en Provence, where I studied law, English and Spanish literature. In the meantime, I did my military service teaching in a military high school that prepared students for Saint Cyr (a prestigious military school equivalent to West Point). I traveled a lot in Europe, then went to the US where I did an internship in Utah for my master's degree. I also moved around a lot there, passing through... Go to bio

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