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The President of Afghanistan steals over a hundred million dollars and escapes to New York City. A psychotic young man plots the “Heist of the Century” with his loyal sister and ex-con mother.



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Lead Characters:

Maximus Murphy, 25; Brilliant psychotic man with unparalleled hacker capabilities and a Robinhood complex.

Whitney Murphy, 28; Acclaimed artist, protector, sister of Maximus and his partner-in-crime.

Jackie Aiken, Female, 31; African American orphan, former naval fighter pilot and their partner-in-crime.

Kate Murphy, 30-40; Brilliant financial criminal, widowed mother of Max and Whitney and their partner-in-crime.

Jamal Jones, 30-40; Corrupt FBI Agent of Afghan heritage with a Military Intelligence background tracking Maximus and the money.


The story starts with a powerful bang as the President of Afghanistan, his wife and two political Advisors escape the country with one hundred and sixty million stolen euros as the Palace in Kabul falls to ISIS.

They flee into exile in New York City with the money and plot their political strategy to remain safe and secure in exile with the protection of the UN.

The fall of the Afghan government is global news (based on the true events of August 2021) broadcast everywhere, including the psych ward at Bellevue Hospital in lower Manhattan--

--Where Maximus (Max) Murphy is a patient. Max sees the news story of the Afghan theft and falls into an overnight trance. He awakes in the morning and checks himself out of the ward.

Max’s mother Kate picks him up from the hospital. She is cruel to Max and he verbally attacks her. Deep seated unresolved issues exist between them. They travel north to Central Park.

Sitting on a bench at the south end of the park across the street from The Ritz-Carlton and The Plaza Hotels, Max hacks into the hotels’ property management systems to locate the President of Afghanistan and the money. Max’s sister Whitney joins them as Max points out the Royal Suite at The Plaza.

The Afghan President and Advisors huddle in the Royal Suite with a corrupt CIA Officer who informs them that he and his team will be back in the morning to collect their portion of the stolen millions. The Afghans are angry about sharing their stolen loot.

Meanwhile, Jamal, the FBI Agent, has been called onto the carpet at FBI headquarters for not informing his superiors that his uncle, one of the Afghan President’s Advisors, is now in NYC. Jamal plays dumb about his uncle’s whereabouts and is ordered to meet with his uncle the following morning at the hotel.

Max, Kate, Whitney and their close childhood friend, Jackie, a former naval fighter pilot meet that night at Kate’s apartment. Max walks the team through the plan to heist the money the following morning from the Afghan’s Royal Suite at The Plaza.

In the morning, Max and Whitney check into The Plaza according to plan. But a competing plan has been set in motion by Jamal’s uncle that involves ex-Afghan Commandos hired by Jamal to secure the money and themselves in the suite against the CIA team.

As Max and Whitney move into position to heist the cash, the ex-Afghan Commandos and the CIA team clash together and battle it out in a slaughtering shootout inside the suite. No survivors.

Max and Whitney enter the suite to discover the bloodbath. They search for the money, find it and load it out of the suite and out of the hotel just before it locks down and a multitude of local and governmental law enforcement arrive on the scene.

Kate picks up Max and the money outside The Plaza. They weave out of the chaos and make their way to Teterboro airport where Jackie awaits with a private jet. The cash is loaded onto the jet and they take off.

Jamal was in the lobby of The Plaza as the heist went down but is unaware of the situation in the suite and Max’s getaway with the cash. Jamal later tracks Kate’s getaway car to a private jet FBO at Teterboro where he interrogates the manager who divulges that Max and the jet are traveling to the Cayman Islands.

Jamal informs his superiors that he needs a jet to get to the Caymans before the banks open in the morning for Max to launder the money and disappear. Jamal gets an FBI jet and takes off in hot pursuit down to the Caymans.

Max and the team arrive in Grand Cayman that night but depart the next morning. And just as they are about to take off, Jamal arrives in the FBI jet and sees Max in his jet. He runs after them to no avail and is arrested on the tarmac by Cayman police.

Jackie flies Max’s jet north toward Cuba when engine trouble occurs and she has to ditch the plane into the ocean.

While Jamal is interrogated by a Cayman detective at the airport, a police woman enters the room to tell them all that the jet Max was on has crashed with presumably no survivors.

Turns out Jackie didn’t ditch the jet, she just faked the crash and turned off the transponder and radio. Jackie’s now flying fifty feet off the water toward Texas. They pop up behind a commercial jet and follow it to Rapid City, S. Dakota.

After the news of the jet crash, Jamal’s about to head to the beach just as a CIA jet arrives with the previous, thought to be dead, CIA Officer aboard. He orders Jamal to fly with him over the crash site to see if the money is floating on the water. If it is, they will claim it.

While Jackie flies the jet to Rapid City, Kate asks Max why he does it, steal huge sums of money -- this isn’t his first heist of this magnitude and he doesn’t need or seem to want the money.

Max informs Kate that he has a gift from God. And that he uses it to send the hundreds of millions that was originally intended for the poor and starving in destitute countries -- but diverted and stolen by corrupt politicians and political organizations -- to his hundreds of community organizations around the world to help them. He tells Kate it’s not too late for her to change her life and do something good as well. She thinks about it.

Jamal and the CIA Officer get a call while they’re searching the supposed crash site near Cuba informing them that the jet didn’t crash and that it actually just landed in Rapid City. They immediately change course and head up to Rapid City.

Max and the team meet with an eastern European man in Rapid City to exchange the euros for Bitcoin. They head back to the airport to fly home. They board their jet and see Jamal walking along the private road to the RC airport terminal. They see each other. Jamal freaks and runs back to the CIA jet. Jackie takes off with the team aboard.

The CIA jet cuts the line and takes off behind them and chases them over The Badlands. Jackie is a highly skilled pilot with incredible aerobatic skills honed while flying F-35s in the navy. She executes some very incredible death-defying stunts and loses the CIA jet within the gorges, canyons and ravines of the beautiful Badlands. It’s an incredibly stunning and hair-raising chase scene that puts TOP GUN aerobatics to shame. Jackie emerges from the canyons and heads east...

Jamal is angry with the lame CIA Officer who knows he’s dead for fucking up and losing all the money. A hundred and sixty million euros that he and his CIA superiors had planned to steal for themselves. They’re both in very deep shit...

A couple days pass... Jamal has been parked at the Teterboro FBO next to the SUV that had been driven by Kate as the getaway vehicle. He’s been there for days hoping that Max’s jet will miraculously arrive. But of course it doesn’t.

Suddenly, all the door locks of Kate’s SUV pop open. Jamal’s startled. He gets out of his car. He looks inside the SUV. He opens the passenger door. He sees a burner phone on the seat.

The phone rings... he answers it.

Submitted: December 4, 2021
Last Updated: January 8, 2022

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The Writer: Joseph Deegan

Joseph grew up on the north shore of Chicago. Disliking brutal cold winters he moved to California where he attended The London School of Drama in Berkeley and then ran independent record labels and managed punk bands in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. After those ear-splitting years he moved on and spent time living and writing in Tucson, southern Florida and Belfast, Northern Ireland. He now lives in Austin, Texas where he writes for film and television. Go to bio
Lawyer: Eric Elias

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