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“A young suicidal Senator reconnects with the woman he loves one last time before committing suicide.”



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3 years ago,a mentally ill and alcoholic Senator Elect, Victor Boyd, fell in love with an up and coming actress, Rosey Abreu, while he was going through a failed marriage.To prevent having a full out affair,Victor disappears from Rosey’s life.

Today, now divorced, Victor is at the point of giving in to his mental illness and is ready to commit suicide.But not until he finishes his dream mental health bill that will help millions of Americans and not before he reunites with his one true love one more time.But when he reconnects with her, he finds that she isn’t happy to see him. Not only because she’s angry at him for disappearing on her but because she’s too busy trying to navigate her own stalled career and helping her ailing father suffering from dementia. Begrudgingly she decides to give him another chance to explain why he disappeared.

As Victor fights to overcome the obstacles to his bill passing in the Senate, he and Rose begin to spend much more time together.All along though,Victor is keeping his suicidal thoughts and alcohol addiction from her. His bill reaches a major milestone at the same time Rosey gets the biggest opportunity of her professional career.But when Rosey realizes what Victor is going to do to himself and learns all the secrets he’s been hiding from her, including his alcoholism,she is willing to sacrifice her career to make an attempt to help him save his life.

Submitted: November 25, 2020
Last Updated: April 7, 2021

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The Writer: Simba Dibinga

SIMBA DIBINGA is a writer, actor, stuntman and film maker originally from The Democratic Republic of Congo and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. His experiences in the film industry range from a countless amount of commercials but also to appearances on television shows such as “LAW & ORDER”,“LAW & ORDER SVU”,”LAW & ORDER CI”,“ONE LIFE TO LIVE”, “UGLY BETTY”,“THE HATFIELD’S AND THE MCKOY’S” and “CASTLE ROCK”. He has also appeared in several films such as “SURROGATES”, “R.I.P.D.”,CONFUSED BY LOVE” and “THE TOWN”, to name a few. He has now started his own production company, 'House on Howland St. Films", for which he has written 20 feature screenplays from a variety of genres... Go to bio

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