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Rum & Wealth

At the heart of the Prohibition, Era Frank Darlington, an ambitious bank owner, and undercover bootlegger, will stop at nothing to own the greatest liquor import business regardless of consequences.



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In the pilot episode, we begin with Frank on high alert from a group of Italian thugs who comes to deliver a “message” from the drug king, Alvin also known as, Pony. Frank sends James, his right-hand man, to gather up their gang for a battle, but help never comes. Frank is left to fight the guys with Lawrence, his best friend. Frank orders Lawrence to go home to his wife Ruby and son Fredrick but Lawrence is a one of a kind friend and would never leave Frank’s side. The thugs’ ringleader shoots Frank and Lawrence is killed trying to defend his friend.

Frank pays for Lawrence’s entire funeral out of guilt for his widow, the beautiful Ruby Farwell, and her only child Frederick. Frank talks to one of his crewmen, Spanky, about not showing up for the ambush. He becomes suspicious when Spanky pleads that James never called them to come. Ruby comes to Frank to persuade him to talk to the police about the night of Lawrence’s death. Frank promises to do it in time after he mourns. He offers Ruby a job position to work in his house. Elsa, Frank’s supervising butler and ear and eyes of the house, despises Ruby and insists on keeping her out of Frank’s hair. Ruby takes advantage of the job offer and uses her access to the house to find out the truth behind Lawrence’s death. A Detective Johnson visits the home to talk to Frank. Ruby questions the detective about his information on Lawrence’s case but the Detective pretends to know nothing.

Frank asks his guys for their help to pick up a very special delivery, a crate, in Mississippi. When they arrive, the guys discover that Pony’s men are already there to grab the crate. After a shootout, a highway chase, and a team-on-team brawl in the streets, Frank and the guys manage to get the crate and haul out of Mississippi just in the nick of time. During a bonfire celebration, Frank questions James about his disappearance during the night of Lawrence’s murder. James swears his loyalty to Frank. Frank forgives him.

When Frank returns home, Ruby tends to his wounds. There is a split- second moment of attraction between them. She takes advantage of the moment to get on Frank’s case about not talking to the police. Frank makes yet another promise to talk to the police. When Ruby asks about the cause of his bruises, he goes on a limb to reveal his biggest secret to her. Deep in the woods, a barn is filled with massive distillers for his rum bootlegging. Ruby is horrified and decides to quit her job. Her mother-in-law convinces her to stay and find out the truth.

Frank reveals to his guys what was in the crate. Inside are samples of exotic liquors from around the world. Frank discusses his plan to open a business that would sell the highest quality of vintage liquors from all over the globe. The guys agree to help despite the warning of major enemies and dangerous roads lying ahead.

James intentionally visits a speakeasy club filled with Italians gangsters. There he is escorted to the back where he meets an older gentleman by the name of Alvin Castillo, also known as Pony.

Submitted: February 7, 2017
Last Updated: February 7, 2017

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The Writer: Nikki Lee

Nikki Lee's passion for writing stories of love and tragedy began after watching director James Cameron's Titanic. The themes of the film captivated and inspired her to further her study into the human condition which led her to write in several mediums such as flash fictions, short stories, and now screenplays. Nikki Lee was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. Throughout college, she focused on science and strived to become a Physical Oceanographer, but films and storytelling always remained at the forefront of her hobbies. Her passion for stories eventually took control and she changed directions. In 2013, she began her journey as a creative writer at Full Sail University. She... Go to bio

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