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Run Through the Jungle

An aging, lovestruck military lifer and his squad of cantankerous misfits must rescue a high-value target in the lethal Vietnamese jungle.



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Our main character, a strung-out Vietnam vet, must accept a mission to go back into the field to rescue one of his men who has been captured by the deadliest of the Viet Cong clicks. The capture holds valuable information and rank for the American government. Armed with a team of specialists, our hero must brave the Vietnam jungle with all its dangers and enemies and succeed in his mission. Otherwise, the entire Vietnam conflict could be lost.

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- Winner, 22nd LA Comedy Film Festival Screenplay Competition
- Winner, 6th Northeast Film Festival, Best Unproduced Screenplay
- Honorable Mention, 9th Los Angeles Film and Script Festival
- Honorable Mention of the 1st Silver Tuna Screenplay Competition
- Selection of the 16th, 17th and 19th Beverly Hills Film Festival
- Semifinalist of the 15th FilmMakers Screenwriting Awards
- Finalist of the 1st Die Laughing Film Festival
- Selection, 6th Annual Red Dirt Film Festival
- Finalist of the 2nd Atlanta Comedy Film Festival
- Selection of the 2nd Portland Comedy Film Festival
- Selection of the 3rd Berlin International Cinefest
- Preselected for the 6th New York State Film Festival
- Finalist of the 7th Hollywood Screenplay Contest
- Quarterfinalist, 2017 Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Competition
- Official Selection, 9th Back in the Box Screenplay Competition
- Semi-Finalist for the 15th Screenplay Festival
- Selection of the 10th Houston Comedy Film Festival
- Top 5 Finalist at the 6th Annual Portland Comedy Film Festival

Submitted: October 4, 2019
Last Updated: March 2, 2021

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The Writer: Steve Hanisch

I am a Festival Award-Winning Screenwriter whose main game is comedy. I'm dabbling in open mics, but my main passion and drive in life is writing! I love to create stories and characters and get a chance to get people interested in a tale and make them laugh along the way. I'm also the Co-Host of The Ranting and Raving Podcast, which is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Podbean, and many other podcast sites and apps! We just wrapped up our 5th season (250+ episodes and counting!) and in April of 2021 will begin our 6th. We're a comedy movie podcast that makes lists and rankings and educates you while making you laugh (we hope). @rantingpodcast Follow me... Go to bio

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