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Saving Little Z

A small-town deputy risks his life and livelihood as a zombie hunter for Evil Corp when he marries the love of his life Lisa, who's daughter is a preteen zombie.



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Saving Little Z is a funny yet touching horror/comedy series that follows Deputy Scott, his new wife, Lisa, and his new step-daughter, Lilly, who happens to be a preteen zombie. This story takes place years after a zombie outbreak; now, zombies live among the humans and get along for the most part as long as they follow the ZAC-zombie awareness control. The zombies have to stay fed and take a weekly class to remain mostly human. Unfortunately, Scott's department has been corrupted by Evil Corp, which sends them on missions to round up all the young zombies for unknown testing and to kill the older ones that don't follow the rules. Scott doesn't like doing this, and now, with a zombie step-daughter of his own, he is in a difficult spot. Scott also finds it challenging to fit in at work, and his partner Joe gives him a hard time and gets tired of covering for him. With Lilly and Scott not fitting in at home, school, or work, they're always at each other's throats, not knowing they have more in common than they can see; will they figure it out before it's too late. 
Mr Evil of Evil Corp is tracking down young Z's that can regenerte their body parts. Mr Evil knows any zombie born during the total eslipse 12 years ago, that those Z's could possibly regenerate. Lisa and Scott don't know that Lilly can generate her body parts just yet, but Mr Evil does so he sends two goons to find out.
With their nosey neighbors, Mr Evil hot on thier tail and dealing with Lilly's regular teenage issues, can this family hold it together.

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Submitted: February 10, 2022
Last Updated: February 10, 2022

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The Writer: Chris Ballinger

Chris was raised in Connecticut and grew up around art. His was mother was a successful pastel artist. He spent many hours traveling to art shows with his mother. Chris always had an eye for composition and taking a great picture. This is where his love of visual media started. Chris's entertainment path has taken him in many different directions from a DJ business, dance instructor, playing guitar, photographer, but in 2006 he finally landed on his ultimate passion, being in the film industry and started acting classes. Chris has had success in films, TV, commercials, stage and stunt performing, but early on in his career was hired on a low budget film called Robodoc. He found his love for... Go to bio