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A group of friends is terrorized by masked assailants over the course of one night at their AirBNB rental

Contained, cheap, minimal cast, no effects, fun twists

Looking to celebrate the end of their collegiate school year, Nick and Coop invite their friend Jennifer, her boyfriend Brad, and newly-single Danielle along for the weekend to their AirBNB rental buried in the hills of Santa Fe.

The trouble starts when they arrive to find the cell service non-existent and the house keys missing. Did the owner double book? And who’s been in their rental? After sorting out the mix-up with Nadine, the woman renting the adjacent property, the group settles in to finally enjoy the weekend… until a masked man arrives, disables their car, and murders Nick.

The group subdues him, thanks to Nadine’s surprising combat skills. Then she lays it on them: the masked man is there looking for a book. And more will be coming after him.

They’re trapped five miles from civilization, with no transportation or means of communication. Now they must try to survive the night… and whatever twists it brings.

Submitted: May 28, 2019
Last Updated: April 2, 2020
Times Downloaded: 11
Last Downloaded: April 2, 2020

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The Writer: Stephen Reynolds

2019 Austin Film Festival Semi-Finalist and Second Rounder Two optioned ultra low budget features. One short purchased and produced. Stephen Reynolds is a former Journalism student who fell in love with movies as a child. While a career in screenwriting is his ultimate goal, his drive primarily stems from the opportunity to create something as profound and awe-inspiring as the movies that helped him escape to another world. \ Go to bio

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