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Three teens go into a factory to shoot a scene for their horror film but instead they end up witnessing a murder and now they're on the run for their lives.



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SYNOPSIS:TERRY,CANDY and CARL sneak into a abandoned factory at night to shoot their horror film,while shooting MARCOS along with his right hand man enter the factory holding a man at gun point,so this man stole and stashed MARCOS'S money here at the factory.MARCOS finds his money,upset at the man for betraying him MARCOS shoots the man.So the three while sneaking out of the factory witness the murder,TERRY he has the camera facing MARCOS and MARCOS thinks he recorded him.TK chases after the three,as they're running for their lives CANDY drops her backpack.TK fails to catch the three but he picks up CANDY'S backpack and inside is CANDY'S ID.MARCOS organises men to do a man hunt for the three but one of his man recognises CANDY from her ID photo.MARCOS comes up with plan B which is make the three come to him.MARCOS he holds JANE,CANDY'S mom hostage.MARCOS calls CANDY and tells her to come with her friends to her home with the camera and not to call the cops or her mom dies.So the three know that if they go to MARCOS they die,so the three call back MARCOS and threaten him with that he should release JANE or they release the video of him shooting the man at the factory by the way these is no video.MARCOS he doesn't take treats so he tells the three to come to him or he kills JANE'S mom.CARL and CANDY go to MARCOS,TERRY refuses to go.So when MARCOS is about to kill CANDY,CARL and JANE,TERRY uses his acting and movie skills and calls MARCOS he gives him a threat he can't ignore.MARCOS agrees to meet up with TERRY to do an exchange for CARL,CANDY and JANE for TERRY to delete the video of MARCOS.Things are taken back to where it all began the factory.There TERRY and DET WHITE manage to take down MARCOS and his men.

Submitted: January 3, 2021
Last Updated: May 17, 2021

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The Writer: Junior Mudimba

I write cause I want to. I write cause I love to. I write to forget the bad memories. When writing I escape into my own little world and I forget the troubles of the world. My imagination is that of a kid it runs wild and it's dirty. I'm a old dude with the brain of a child. I ain't that old I'm only a teen just finishing the final stage of puberty. I'm a legend in the making. I'm racing to catch my dream and I know I will come out victorious cause ain't nothing in this world can stop me from being the champ. I'm a hard worker, a curious student, and a mommy's boy. I believe in myself and I have faith in me that one day I will become one of the greats. My name Is Junior Mudimba and I'm a... Go to bio
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