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After killing his own father, a gang leader must work for a ruthless drug cartel to protect his family and girlfriend.



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A young man named Nillo plays poker with four men and thinks he is a winner but when one of the men cheats. The man verbally insults Nillo’s mother when Nillo catches the man cheating and tries to take the money he won. Nillo kills all the men and leaves the bar.
A housekeeper and nurse named Alondra wakes up startled and greets her two children. Informing them that they are going to stay home, and they are going to be getting a visitor. Book author and younger sister of the woman that Alondra looks after, Sierra. The children greet Sierra and welcome her in. Sierra, her sister, Faith, the children and Alondra go out for breakfast.
At a motel, Nillo gets a room, and arrives at the same restaurant that Sierra is at with the rest of group. Sierra gets a strange glimpse of Nillo’s face, and believes she is seeing a familiar face. At a booth to himself, and able to get brief time to relax. Nillo meets a waitress named Wyona while ordering his food. Sierra returns to her sister’s house and looks at one of the photographs to see if she’s not crazy of what she saw in the restaurant. Nillo has the same features as her great-grandfather and can’t help but question it.
In the restaurant, Wyona returns to Nillo’s table and is asked out by Nillo. Wyona declines but decides to give him her phone number and pays for Nillo’s meal. With Sierra unable to sleep, and Alondra having the same trouble. The two women talk, and Alondra tells Sierra that her nephew is missing. That night, Nillo pays a visit to a gang named the Jokers. The same gang that his father was the leader of. The leader, Benny tries to bully Nillo but gets his arm broken in the process. Thus, making Nillo the new leader. Back at his room. Nillo calls Wyona to ask her out on a date. Hesitant at first, Wyona takes him on the offer and agrees to go out with the next night. The next day, Sierra and Alondra go to the police station. Alondra gives the police a photograph of Nillo when he was eight years old. A sketch drawing comes back and as Sierra looks at the drawing, she is surprised at the results and realizes she’s not crazy after all.
When Sierra and Alondra get back to Faith’s house, Sierra confronts Alondra about Nillo. The big question is his face and who Alondra is. To which, Alondra confesses that her great-great grandmother had a one-night stand, and it resulted in a daughter being conceived. Not mad but understanding, Sierra agrees to help find Nillo. On their date, Nillo gets help from the motel manager and is gifted with the manager’s lowrider. A leather jacket to go with it as well. Nillo picks Wyona up in the car and Wyona comes to respect her decision to go out with Nillo. At a restaurant, Nillo and Wyona sit, having dinner together. Not too far away, members of his gang spot Nillo at the restaurant and call their former leader. The members spot Alondra hanging up flyers of Nillo and tell her that they’ll keep an out for him.
The next day, Nillo goes to meet his new boss, Pedro Cruz, and learns of the flyers that Alondra has put out for him. Even his new girlfriend is brought up. This angers Nillo and he nearly kills Benny after he discovers that Benny is the one that told Pedro. At the motel, Alondra hangs a flyer and the motel manager sees that it is Nillo on the flyer. He tells Alondra and she feels that she has reached her goal. About to go to his room, Alondra confronts Nillo but Nillo runs away to Wyona’s house. At Wyona’s, Nillo spends the night but goes to Faith’s house the next morning. Things are hostile at first but get emotional when Nillo sees Sierra and begins to see the face of his late mother.
Years ago, Nillo’s mother, Marta is a prostitute and meets Bonito. In Marta’s bedroom, Bonito assaults Marta and rapes her. Nine months later, Marta gives birth to Nillo. When Nillo is two years old, Marta hangs herself.
Sierra comforts Nillo and gives him the motherly love that he has been wanting ever since the traumatizing event. Shortly after, Nillo rushes to the motel and finds the manager dead. Knowing it was the jokers that killed his friend. Sierra and Alondra tail Nillo to Pedro Cruz’s compound.
At the compound, Nillo finds Wyona being held hostage. The jokers and Benny take Nillo to the compound of an orange orchard owner named Valeria. The gang wipes out every servant and make their way to Valeria. Benny and the gang prepare to shoot Valeria, but Nillo turns on the gang. He shoots the jokers and Benny, who falls to his death. With no hesitating, Wyona breaks free from Pedro’s compound and goes on a high-speed chase with Pedro. A shootout goes on between Wyona and Pedro. It ends with Pedro’s driver getting shot and the vehicle crashing.
Shortly after, Nillo is arrested but is later released based on his good behavior. With revenge on his mind, Pedro takes Wyona hostage once again and nearly gets away until Nillo approaches them and saves Wyona from being kidnapped. A high-speed chase to the boat dock, Nillo and Pedro get into another fight. The boat crashes and leaves Nillo stuck at shore with Pedro. An overconfident Nillo leaves himself open and Pedro shoots him. About to finish Nillo off, Wyona shoots Pedro. A wounded Nillo is rushed to the hospital. Delicious and near death, Nillo slowly drifts to sleep.
About to leave, Sierra decides she wants to take Alondra and the children away to live with her while she looks after Faith herself. A visit from her granddaughter, Starla, and the many happy times to come her way as she celebrates with the people around her.
Back in Mexico after along recovery, Nillo and Wyona visit Marta’s grave. They are married and have a daughter. Now happy and content with his life. Nillo and Wyona make their way to the beach. Feeling happy and embrace their future together.

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Krimson Horyzon International Film Festival Award Winner 2022

Submitted: July 17, 2022
Last Updated: December 14, 2022

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