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Seeds of Freedom by David Smith
When investigating bizarre murders in Wales, Jane Tetlow discovers a murder plot that if successful will start the rise of Welsh separatist terrorism. Can she stop it or will establishment forces get her first?

This is a 6 x 1 hour TV serial (i.e. approx. 75 pages per episode. There is a sequel, The Seed Cloud of similar length. The synopsis covers 6 episodes so runs to six pages;

A retired engineer is walking his dog on a lonely beach. The dog disturbs a man digging in a cave. The man shoots and kills the dog. The horrified engineer, fearing for his life, manages to overpower then kill him with the man's own gun. He discovers the man was digging up a bag containing cash, a sophisticated sniper's rifle and a cryptic note. Terrified to go to the police because he has killed a man he tries to carry on as normal. He spends an evening with friends and even takes them on a hunt for the missing dog that he knows is buried with the man he killed on the beach. But that night a detective (Twinn) turns up at his home who knows about the dog being shot and arrests him. When they are leaving his house Twinn is shot in the back from nowhere, but the engineer manages to get back inside his house. The mystery attackers put him under siege. Using the gun he took from the man on the beach he shoots one of the attackers and they flee but take the bag with the money and rifle, but not the note. Twinn wasn't killed, just knocked out. He was wearing a bulletproof vest. He reveals he isn't a detective but somehow involved with the attackers. When Twinn finds out the note is still in the house he is terrified and persuades the engineer to try to flee from the town with him. During their attempt to escape the attackers return. Twinn is killed and the engineer hunted down. He tries to hide in a field but is found and killed. The body and house are hastily searched but the note isn't found.

The Welsh police are investigating the aftermath. A Whitehall top civil servant (Sir Peter Stevenson) sends an observer (Vicky Brannan - a brilliant analytical management consultant) to oversee the investigation. She is unwelcome and cold shouldered by everyone except the hero of the book (Detective Constable Jane Tetlow). Jane is bright, well qualified and dedicated but is also treated as an outsider by her Welsh seniors. Vicky is lodged in the local hotel that overlooks the magnificent Abermor bridge. After she is settled in her room Jane takes her to the team briefing in the commandeered local hall. There they see a quarrel between the senior detective heading the investigation and the head of WECTU (the Welsh Extremism and Counter Terrorism Unit), Tom Demery. The police refuse to classify the murders as terrorism even though automatic weapons were used. After the briefing Vicky examines the cryptic note found hidden on the engineer's body and knows immediately what it means, and knows she is also in great danger. Without telling anyone she leaves the hall and disappears. After Vicky leaves, the local police constable (Pugh) who was working with the detectives secretly replaces the note with an exact copy, destroying the original. This leads us into Episode 2.

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The Writer: David Smith

I'm a pro writer that switched from writing novels to screenplays last year. I've written ten novels and since switching I've written a feature movie script, s set of TV thriller pilots based on my books, a near future sci-fi thriller series, two sitcom series and a sitcom pilot, and developed a TV concept called Peek-A-Boo. This is a sketch based TV programme using an eclectic mix of ghost & horror short stories. My 9Novels only) website is Go to bio

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