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Seeking Famous Kelly

After finishing law school, Luke returns home only to realize that the love of his life is now not only a hot Hollywood actress, but also in a relationship and way out of his league.



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SEEKING FAMOUS KELLY is a Romantic-comedy script that takes place in the current era. After finishing law school, Luke returns home only to realize that the love of his life is now not only a hot Hollywood actress, but also in a relationship and way out of his league. The love of his life is named Kelly and they had a strong bond from childhood to well into their adolescence. Many Romcoms of the day try to “raunch” things in order to pique the interest of adults. This romcom takes things back to the 90s era where there was at least a vestige of innocence in those types of films.

We meet a young, passive, acne ridden Luke on the opening page. He has finally summoned enough courage to try to get out of the “friend zone” with his best friend Kelly. The plan is for Luke to admit to Kelly how he feels after her first lead performance in her High School’s rendition of Cinderella. He goes to the theater and gifts Kelly flowers, telling her that he has something important to tell her after the show. She agrees to find him after the show and Luke goes to find a seat. At the end of the show, one of Kelly’s male co-leads goes off script and asks if she would like to be his girlfriend. To the crowd’s surprise, Kelly agrees and Luke is shocked. Luke runs out of the theater and never speaks to Kelly again.

Years later we find a bitter and older Luke at LAX waiting for his friends to pick him up. Annie and Peter arrive at the airport to pick up Luke. Annie reminds Peter not to ask Luke about law school, which was a really stressful time for him. Luke gets into the car and they decide to go back to Annie and Peter’s apartment because Luke doesn’t want to go home yet. Peter asks Luke about law school against Annie’s wishes and Luke explains that he felt like he was living under a rock. Suddenly on TV, a movie commercial comes on featuring Kelly as a lead star in it. Luke is taken aback while Peter explains that Kelly has had a lot of movies coming out lately. Luke ends up dragging the couple to go see the movie.

Luke enjoys the movie until the end where Kelly and her co-star kiss on screen. In the car, he once again regrets seeing one of Kelly’s performances. Annie tells Luke that is in a serious relationship with her co-star whose name is Blake. Luke changes the subject and wants to do something else before going home. He finds out that a Dodger game is happening and three of them decide to attend it. The group is sitting in their seats when Kelly appears on he jumbotron as the guest for the game. Luke tells Annie and Peter that he is going to find Kelly (in order to talk to her). He finds where Kelly is sitting and tries to approach her. A security guard ends up knocking Luke out on the jumbotron for everyone to see, including Kelly.

Luke is held in the stadium’s jail cell until Kelly barges in and ends up getting him released. Luke and Kelly talk for a bit while Kelly waits for her ride. Luke gets Kelly to agree to lunch since they haven’t seen each other for a long time. Annie and Peter are amazed that Luke was able to accomplish such a feat. They tell him not to screw this up and be on his best behavior. At the lunch, Luke gets Kelly to go with him to the mall to take a trip down memory lane. Kelly agrees to go as long as nobody notices her. They are able to spend some time at the mall before Kelly gets noticed and they have to immediately leave. They decide to hang out again as long as it’s a more secluded place.

Kelly and Luke see each other a couple more times and rekindle their lost friendship. Eventually Kelly tells Luke that being in the spotlight has given her an anxiety disorder and that’s why she’s a bit different from what he remembered. Kelly decides to an “artsy” role in a foreign film that is going to require her to be out of the country for a while. Blake (who is really controlling over Kelly) doesn’t like the idea because it isn’t making Kelly enough money. They get into an irreparable argument and Kelly essentially breaks up with him. Kelly asks Luke to hang out with her before she leaves the country. They spend a happy night with each other but Luke once again doesn’t make a move and fails to tell Kelly how he’s always felt about her.

Kelly leaves to the airport in the morning and Luke goes to see Annie and Peter again. They lambaste Luke for once again not being able to tell Kelly how he feels. They convince Luke to meet her face to face at the airport to finally tell her how he feels. They get to LAX and as usual in Los Angeles, the traffic is unbearable. Luke knows that Kelly is going to leave if he doesn’t do something drastic. He gets out of the car and sprints a couple of miles to the international terminal. In the end it’s all for naught, he gets knocked out by another security guard in the terminal just like he did at the Dodger game.

Overseas, Kelly is in her villa after a long day on set. Her assistant gives her a letter that came from her parents address. The letter is from Luke, and he finally says everything he always wanted to say to Kelly but had felt too embarrassed to. Kelly starts thinking about how happy and secure she’s felt in her short time with Luke. On set, she starts to get visions of Luke everywhere and she realizes that she needs to go back to America. Luke is at home when he receives a call that all of the student debt he accrued at law school has been paid off. Then the doorbell rings and Kelly is standing behind it. They embrace each other the way they should have a long time ago. A couple of years later, we see Luke and Kelly walking into the Academy Awards together where Kelly is expected to win her first Oscar for Best Actress In A Leading Role.

Submitted: February 8, 2020
Last Updated: March 8, 2020

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The Writer: Andrew Ramirez

I’m a writer out of Los Angeles, California (where I was born and raised). I graduated from UCLA in 2010. More recently, I graduated from California State University, Fullerton with an MFA in Screenwriting in 2017. Comedy is the main genre I choose when writing a screenplay. My long term goal is to create original content for the film industry that I grew up with and revered. I want to entertain the mainstream audience because I’m part of it. After all, they are what keep the industry alive. In the long run, the more the industry ignores the general audience, the more they will go elsewhere for their entertainment. Post covid, I believe it would be wise for the industry to pivot to towards... Go to bio

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