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Set in the New York fashion industry, Sellouts follows the crew of a small creative agency as they balance their artistic aspirations with their love of money.

High-powered advertising executive Dawn is demoted to ArtLab, a small creative agency filled with artistic types. When narcissistic ArtLab photographer Dave meets Dawn, he quits in order to pursue his dream of being a real artist with oddball model Molly by his side. Dawn is completely unimpressed by the crew at ArtLab: she hates every one of them. But then she receives an offer from a rival brand to sabotage the ArtLab shoot for a lot of money.

While Dave dives head first into the life of an artist, Dawn bullies pushover creative director Christopher into accepting all of her terrible ideas designed specifically to ruin the shoot. Dawn is delighted to see the shoot completely fall apart but she didn’t expect the sabotage offer to fall through. Now it’s her ass on the line and she's freaking out too much to fix the shoot. Christopher steps up and calls Dave back, which is perfect timing, because Dave is just finding out that there’s no money in the early stages of an artist’s career.

Dave and Molly head to the photo shoot and do their best to save the day. Dawn sees the crew working together and sees what they’re capable of. It’s a huge success… or so they think. The client hates their work and vows never to work with them again – but that doesn’t matter because they still get paid! Now the crew, who have a new appreciation for Dawn’s badass attitude, take her out to spend their hard-earned cash.

Submitted: November 9, 2016
Last Updated: August 3, 2018

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The Writer: Chris Weber

I grew up making movies with my brother in South America. After living in Canada and the UK for 6 years, I'm currently based in New York. I've always loved comedy and started writing in 2010, always in the free time around my jobs in education. I love supporting independent/amateur artists and am always open to feedback on my work. Go to bio

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