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The novel Sinsane Asylum by Sentu Taylor
When a rebellious rapper is blackmailed by his Illuminati controlled record label, he seeks the aid of a demon to break his contract.

Deon 'Qasino' Brooks is a broke hip hop hopeful making a name for himself on the L.A. rap battle circuit. Shortly after being embarrassed on stage by him an angry opponent attempts to shoot Qasino in the venue's parking lot only to be killed by the young rapper in self defense; an event that was filmed by his best friend/wanna be manager Trife and posted to social media. Qasino becomes an instant internet sensation and Trife quickly locks down a meeting with big shot pop label Avarice Records, that will turn the two into entertainment industry darlings. At a price only Trife is willing to pay
Depressed as his identity is being pealed away by Michael, Avarice Records' top exec, through black mail and the unexpected death of his brother, Qasino befriends James, an eccentric comedian who he randomly keeps bumping into in public. James offers Deon a way out, having no one to turn to Qasino hears him out and pretends to believe James' oddball conspiracy theories about Michael being a reptilian shape-shifter, New World Order secret societies and the like. When James vanishes and no one else has seen them hanging out Qasino believes he was only a defect of his lonely imagination.
After a concert, Trife accompanies Qasino into a dressing room and guns him down, having been delegated by Michael to sacrifice his best friend to rise in ranks of the secret society. During his departing moments James appears to Qasino in his true form as the the demon Mephistopheles and offers him revenge in exchange for his soul. Qasino accepts the bargain.
Brought to Purgatory, which is located within the internet, Mephistopheles introduces Qasino to a band of ethereal anarchists with whom he trolls the world into a riotous frenzy by a) reappearing as a ghost amongst the living, performing miracles and revealing who and why he was killed on social media which in turn creates various religious factions devoted to Qasino and b) through electronic devices controlled from within Purgatory they have cloned versions of deceased celebrities make appearances all over the globe.
Caught off guard by the resulting chaos the reptilian elite shut down all lines of communication from the public, which the ghosts within the internet immediately hijack and use it to introduce a new global currency that crashes the banking system and frees the public of all debt.
With Trife having been killed by a 'Qasionism' zealot, Michael suffers the full brunt of Qasino's violent revenge. Now that his direct betrayers have been snuffed out but abettors of the same system still around, Qasino accepts the duty of being an assassin.

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