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An artist uncovers a secret journal owned by her deceased grandmother and discovers a dark family secret involving her deceased father.



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An artist named Faith is looking through a box of belongings that previously belonged to her deceased father and grandmother. She finds a journal that belongs to her grandmother, Lola.

Back then, Lola is married to Barry and expecting their first child together but Barry is sleeping with Nicola, Lola's sister. While Barry and Nicola are together, Nicola announces that she is pregnant but Barry quickly brushes it off, thinking it can be taken care of. Nicola insists on having the child and that her sister will find out one day. Lola asks for her mother, Brenda's advice and decides to act like it doesn't matter. Lola has a miscarriage and this leaves Brenda with telling Barry to do the right thing. While housesitting for a friend, Nicola gets a visit from Barry, pleading with her to let Lola have the baby she is carrying. A hard plead that leaves Nicola hurt but wants to help her sister. Nicola gives birth to a boy but does not want anything to do with it.

Faith takes the journal to her sister, Sierra, and has her read it.

Barry and Lola return home with the baby, and they quickly leave the heartbroken Nicola to watch him. Nicola later gives birth to a girl. Later, Nicola announces she has to leave for a job but dies shortly after. With Nicola and Brenda passing away. Lola becomes pregnant and asks for her friend, Shelly, to raise Nicola's daughter. Barry later has a dream about his father-in-law, Nick, attacking him. Not happy with Lola finding humor about the dream. Things get heated when objects are thrown and Lola leaves Barry.

This upsets Sierra and makes her plead with her husband, Paul to never fight.

Their son Nicholas is now ten years old, gets straight A's, and has a curiosity about the birds and bees. Nicholas grows up and becomes a police detective. Lola becomes a paraplegic after she is shot, and has a dream about her father. Lola asks why he had to die. Nick claims that he was too gullible. Lola returns home with Barry but finds that Nicholas is a lot more protective and despises Barry for not protecting her.

The journal ends and Sierra finds that a couple of pages are missing. With her mind intrigued by Lola's words, Sierra goes and visits Nicola's daughter, Angelica. Sierra informs her of the journal's existence but gets no help about the past from Angelica. A sudden phone call comes, and Sierra rushes to Faith's side as she is being detained in a mental health facility. After a car accident, Faith gained a short-term memory and relives an event, thinking her father is still alive. Sierra returns to Faith's house and finds the missing pages from the journal.

Nicholas and Lola are having a barbeque together but are quickly disturbed by an angry Barry, who quickly gets physical and tells Nicholas that Lola is not his real mother. Nicholas asks if it is true and who his real mother is. Upset and angry, Nicholas leaves them both in anger. At a park, Lola is visited by Nicholas, and the two reconcile. Shortly after, Barry dies in a car explosion. The rest of the journal is complete.

Faith returns home with Sierra but leaves her with her husband Paul. At a restaurant, babysitting Faith's two boys. Sierra receives a phone call from Paul, telling her that Sierra took their infant son into the bathroom. Sierra returns home and comforts Faith. The boys reunite with their mother. Sierra has a dream about Nick Valens and he gives her his feedback and shows her the differences between the three Nick's is not going to be tragic but that she is doing a great job as a new mother. Shortly after, Angelica and Sierra have arranged a meeting. Angelica informs Sierra that she had Barry killed for what he did to her mother. Angelica burns the journal and believes that Sierra won't tell anyone. The two women part ways.

Sierra displays Faith's paintings in a warehouse in honor of their father. Angelica sails for Spain and never returns. Faith and her husband Michael raise their boys and live their lives together. Sierra and Paul leave California.

Now grown, Nicholas is a freshman in college, and meets a girl named Ava at a coffee shop. The next night, Ava and Nicholas watch a movie together and later go home for Thanksgiving together at his parent's house. Now that their relationship is growing, Nicholas and Ava are walking through a park and Nicholas is shot while being robbed. Rushed to the hospital, a devastated Ava pleads for him to not die. Nicholas has a dream about Nick Valens and the young man awakens after he is instructed to keep living.

At his bedside, Sierra greets Nicholas and finds him with the same candy Nick Valens gave her previously. At a church, Sierra is visited by Nick Valens. Sierra thanks Nick for everything, and tells him that his mother would be proud. Nick gives Sierra a goodbye and disappears. Sierra returns to the real world and watches Nicholas and Ava get married. A big ounce of peace comes to Sierra's mind and can now move on.

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Krimson Horyzon International Film Festival Award Winner 2022

Submitted: February 26, 2022
Last Updated: March 30, 2022

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The Writer: Nicholas P

Hello, my name is Nicholas P, and welcome to my profile! I encourage other writers to find their voices and show their art! Everyone has a voice. I found mine in giving a lot of character to the scripts that I have written. Write on! All I can tell everyone that has a voice is to stick to it and continue to grow with your creativity. Keep going. To all my readers of the issues series. Please go by them in this order. 1. Issues 2. Faces 3. Tres 4. Hardships 5. Reap & Sow 6. Love From California 7. Mother & Saints 8. Grit 9. Candy 10. Skeletons 11. Hush Hush 12. Chill 13. Whispers 14. Karma 15. Seed 16. Cyclone Not Available yet 17. Hoorah Not Available yet Go to bio

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