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Solar Flare

A small crew onboard an isolated spaceship, on a secret scientific mission, begin to disappear and must hunt a possible traitor, which reveals a more monstrous cargo that could destroy humanity.



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Solar Flare, a starship on a crash course towards the burning fury of sun. Cut off from the outside world in radio silence on a secret scientific mission that will change the destiny of millions of people throughout the solar system and the stars beyond.

Onboard, a small private crew escorting a lone scientist in his researches.

All is quiet in their dedication to their mission, a handful of people in the solitude of a huge ship, and while the exterior burns the interior is calm and casual.

There is little to disturb their work except one brief moment of excitement when they pass close by a small asteroid on its own path to destruction. After that moment all turns to quiet again. Until the violence.

The blood and violence of one crew member's disappearance, then another, and another.

There is something loose on their ship.

An intruder?
An alien?
Or a traitor?
Is somone here to stop their mission?

A search reveals nothing, other than more violence and disappearance.
No bodies, no sign of what happened to them.

Everyone is on high alert, tension rises as suspicions grow against their passenger. They are all isolated one from another as the First Officer and Captain plot to trap and destroy the threat before it can stop the fulfilment of their secret mission.

Armoured for combat they stalk the blacked out corridors as the ship begins its final fateful manoeuvre towards the sun and the salvation of millions of lives.

The clock is ticking down, the ship is ready to release its devastating cargo and the black shadow of the Werewolf warrior finally appears and casts its presence.

Can they kill it, can they at least stop it before they complete their mission, or is it already far too late? The final seconds are ticking down and havoc is loose on the ship.

Submitted: July 16, 2022
Last Updated: December 9, 2022

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