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An alien race enlists an Earth man, a long-lost descendent of theirs, to compete against another alien race bent on the destruction of Earth and galactic domination.

The planet Nolia is under invasion. LYNOUS SWIFT puts his four young daughters, including SAPPHIREA, on a ship and launches them into space before the invaders capture him. Segue to Earth—

In an abandoned warehouse, a FIGURE studies a photo of a security guard. Segue to T.J. STRIDER, 30s, a disgruntled former track star and divorcee working as a security guard for La Quinta hotels. He’s the man in the figure’s photo. The hooded figure confronts T.J. while on his rounds. It’s Sapphirea, now an adult with mocha skin and orange eyes. She tells T.J. that Earth is in danger and, as the descendant of her King, he must help her. T.J. gets a good laugh out of it and dismisses her. But Sapphirea sticks to him and eventually takes him to the abandoned warehouse to meet her three other sisters. When Sapphirea makes their huge ship appear outside, T.J. is still unconvinced and leaves them in a huff: why would he want to save anything; he has nothing left to fight for? On another night, while T.J. is back on the job, another alien hooded figure comes after him. The girls are attacked simultaneously by more figures in their warehouse. The sisters capture one and dispatch the rest while T.J. overcomes his attacker with a shot to its head.

Later, T.J. shows up at the warehouse with his two year-old daughter, NALANI, after collecting her from her deadbeat mother. T.J. and Sapphirea interrogate the captured attacker, JORICK. He gives up the name of a traitor among Sapphirea’s people. The invaders plan is to win a striding competition and dominate Earth. After letting Jorick go, Sapphirea takes T.J. through a dimensional portal to a practice arena and introduces him to striding. It’s like running track only the athletes are super human and leap over fire pits, razor sharp hurdles and enormous walls in their path.

Sapphirea sends T.J. into the decoding chamber where he can unlock his own striding abilities. He emerges with a sculpted body and the powers of his alien descendants. T.J. reads an ancient recitation to unlock the four sisters striding abilities as well.

T.J. and the sisters begin to train with their new abilities while, in outer space, the CLOAKED FIGURES aboard a scorpion-shaped alien ship get reports of the unsuccessful assassination attempts on Earth. A particular Cloaked Figure orders a team to Earth to take care of the people who now complicate his plan to conquer the galaxy.

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