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Summer Jobs

If you think your summer jobs were laughable, they're nothing compared to the hilarious disasters caused by four, we'll-do-whatever-it-takes high schoolers, desperate to earn enough money to get through their senior year in style.



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They are rites of passage. Everyone's had at least one. Entrees into the worlds of 9 to 5, customer relations, and learning experiences. But for Gail, Fred, Reggie, and Les, summer jobs mean one thing: money. Money to free them from the ignominy of having to take the bus to high school. By pooling their money, they can buy a car and, above all else, land that coveted, primo parking space that's the envy of everyone at school.

But what would be the perfect summer job? Restaurants, retail, fast food? Or, heaven forbid, babysitting or mowing lawns. All have been tried by someone in their class. And all with hilarious results. No, our four compadres want real jobs. Jobs that will pay real money.

So the first step is the school's job fair. And whatever the potential employers expected, boy are they surprised by the motley collection of students that appear before them.

But our foursome is successful. Each lands a summer job. Fred at a construction company. Reggie, the beach. Les, a supermarket. And Gail at a gas station of all places. Several comic escapades for each, but nobody fired...yet.

And then disaster strikes. For Les, it's the damage from a runaway shopping cart. Reggie, a dump truck that gets dumped along with the trash. Fred loses his wheels and the company's mobile pooper scooper. And Gail? Well, she fills a customer's trunk with gas.

Can their summer's quest for cash be salvaged? Of course (it's a movie, remember?). All they have to do is switch jobs. Reggie to the market. Gail the construction site. Fred heads to the gas station and Les to the beach. Now, everybody loves them. If only their cash hadn't gone to repair the prior damage.

In the end, with some help from a mysterious stranger and a teacher, they...well, you'll have to see.

Submitted: December 19, 2020
Last Updated: May 30, 2021

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The Writer: Daniel Broderick

California native. Born in Los Angeles after my parents moved there from Chicago, where my father wrote for television after WWII and college. Have lived in San Fernando Valley, Orange County, Palo Alto, Florence (Italy), Washington, D.C., New Haven (Connecticut), West Los Angeles, Germany, and Sacramento. Currently live in Pasadena, California. Stanford undergrad. Played basketball until hurt my sophomore year, Yale Law School. Non-lawyer jobs include assembling board games, gas station attendant, assembling yachts, picking up trash at the beach, washing dorm windows, maintenance at a golf course, painting the take off boards for the long jump and triple jump (jock job, where I was... Go to bio

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