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An injured survivor of a plane crash in rural Alaska seeks refuge at a secluded cabin in the wilderness; welcomed by an interesting man the survivor, over time, believes could be an aged Elvis Presley.

Harmon Breezy is a daytime auto mechanic, and a night time musician. He’s in a small Cessna with Owen Spasky, the pilot, en route to meet a friend who’s composing music with him. They are flying south of Fairbanks Alaska. The foggy day makes it hard to navigate and the plane crashes in the middle of nowhere.

In the aftermath of the crash, he realizes Owen is gone and he buries him before he disappears into the woods. He makes his way to a cabin in the middle of a clearing. The sign on the door reads Memphis House. After numerous attempts to get someone’s attention, the owner opens the door and lets him in. The owner of the cabin says he calls himself Doberman after two dogs he had that died. Harmon listens but collapses in a chair. The next morning, Harmon begins a labored conversation with Doberman about why he lives in the middle of nowhere, and learns Doberman is a musician. After dinner, while Doberman goes out to cut wood, Harmon looks around and discovers a large closet. What he finds is incredible: a shrine to Elvis Presley with incredible memorabilia.

Doberman catches him in the closet and tells him to come out. Harmon is confused and they argue until Harmon believes Doberman is an 85-year-old Elvis Presley, escaping from the limelight so many years ago. Doberman denies it and Harmon eventually passes out from his latent injuries.

Harmon wakes up in a hospital bed. Not sure how he got there, he asks the doctor if Doberman brought him in. The doctor has no knowledge of Doberman. He tells the doctor that Doberman is really Elvis and the doctor and the nurses attending him laugh it off. He’s told by one of the nurses that Memphis House is abandoned, and he could not have seen anybody there, especially Elvis. After two days, Harmon is discharged. He makes his way to an area close to the cabin and hears someone singing Suspicious Minds. He knows he’s not crazy.

Back to reality, as the dust from the crash settles, Owen gives Harmon resuscitation and brings him to. Harmon can’t believe they survived the crash. When he gets his bearings; he tells Owen he knows Elvis is alive because he saw and talked to him, and Owen tells him it’s impossible. But as they talk they can vaguely hear someone singing in the distance. Owen says there is someone close that can help them. Harmon says the song sounds familiar, it sounds like Suspicious Minds, as they begin to lumber into the woods.

Submitted: October 18, 2020
Last Updated: October 20, 2020

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The Writer: R.L. Galbraith

I grew up in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I retired from the United States Air Force in 1992 after 24 years of service. Following my Air Force career, I pursued a career in industry supporting intelligence agencies as a researcher and intelligence specialist. I am now retired. I have been writing for a number of years; now that I’m free from long hours and difficult caseloads, I have time to finalize much of my work. I feel like I have good stories to tell, and ready to turn my scripts into marketable, plausible films. Go to bio

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