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Takes You Back

After being committed to an institution following her sister's death, a troubled young woman returns home to convince her friends and family that they're being hunted by a demon that feeds on negative emotions.



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CHRIS visits SAMANTHA inside an abandoned bunker in the woods to console her
while they listen to music. Later, Samantha gets the news that her sister OLIVIA has
died from Cancer. Grieving, Samantha throws away things that remind her of her
sister: But upon throwing them away, she witnesses as FEEDER takes away one of
her neighbors.

Two years later, ASHLEY encounters Samantha in the streets and follows her to her
house in the woods, a place nobody goes to because it had been the residence of a
killer called MATT. Having discovered that she was briefly institutionalized, she
informs Chris who then goes to visit Samantha. She reluctantly lets him in, begging to
turn off his phone and to not make any references to any works of art.
Samantha confesses that she didn’t go to Olivia’s funeral or visit her grave after her
return because Feeder started to follow her. He’s a presence that haunts works of art
such as songs, paintings, films, that were presented during someone’s traumatizing
time. Any time she encounters one of these objects, he appears and causes bad things
to happen.

Chris believes she hasn’t been cured. He plays her a song to prove her wrong but he
gets sick to his stomach and she gets stung by a scorpion. Brushing it off as a
coincidence, Chris tries again but they end being transported to the day when Olivia
got her Cancer diagnosis. Matt appears and tries to kill them, but they escape, and he
ends up getting hit by a car.

They meet up with their friend EMILY who has knowledge of the supernatural.
Samantha and Chris prove to her that they’re from the future by having her telephone
“past” Samantha to console her about Olivia’s diagnosis. But Emily has bad news for
them: Feeder can only be killed by other demons.

Samantha wants to see Olivia and she goes to the park they used to visit to get a sight
of her. She starts to believe that maybe she can change the past, just like they had Matt
killed. Feeder appears to Samantha, offering to exchange her life for Olivia’s, and to
return Chris to the present. Against Chris’ pleads, Samantha accepts and goes back to
her house to recover her “haunted objects” and then to the woods to perform the

The ritual starts, but Chris interrupts it, angering Feeder into threatening their loved
ones and leaving them permanently stuck in the past. They go back to the bunker to
keep themselves away from Feeder and everyone else. But as they sit there, they start
to talk about future works of art. This invokes Feeder and makes them go back to the

Once in the present, they make their way back to Emily’s on an Uber that almost ends
up in an accident as a song haunted by Feeder appears on the radio. They reach Emily’s
house, finding it on the verge of destruction by Feeder. They save her and the house,
and decide to warn their loved ones about Feeder and to convince them to not play
any songs or any other of the possibly haunted objects.

But Feeder gets ahold of Ashley. Over the phone, the three friends try to guide her
into an escape, but Feeder kills her. Remembering how Samantha and Chris returned
to the present, Emily decides to invoke the demons so they can take Feeder away.
They start the art ritual, bringing Feeder back and then the demons to take him away.
But the plan fails when Feeder kills the demons and starts to kill the three friends.
On the verge of death, Samantha and Chris confess their love for each other. This
changes the meaning of the haunted objects to Feeder and he disappears. Thinking
that everything is fine, Samantha and Chris go home. But Feeder appears once again
to Samantha. She starts to draw one of her last memories of Olivia. Feeder disappears
again, but Chris and Samantha are convinced he’ll haunt them forever, but that they
won’t stop living their lives. Samantha goes to visit Olivia’s grave. A year later,
Samantha, Chris and all of their friends have a Christmas party while Feeder watches

Submitted: August 3, 2018
Last Updated: July 17, 2019

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The Writer: Oscar Moreno

Produced bilingual Mexican writer and filmmaker from the U.S./Mexico border. My life here has taken me from witnessing the horrors of violence to the joy of seeing its survivors lead happy lives, and experiencing what it's like to be a musician and to soak up the moments of love and weirdness you can find here. My passion for storytelling has stemmed from filmmaking and impacted different aspects of my life. I’m mainly focused on writing and making the kinds of gritty and mesmerizing thrillers, horror movies and sci-fi that I’d stay up watching late at night as a teenager. But I also love powerful drama and believe all of these flavors can be combined and provide an exciting experience for... Go to bio

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