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Tempest -episode 1: The Tempest-



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the tempest
Stranded on an unknown isle in the unknown great sea, set in a futuristic Europe when global warming changed our whole world. vengeance, survival and an surprising plot

The world has changed, sea levels have risen and never has the weather been more extreme.
In this great unknown sea a ship crashes on an unknown isle, soon the survivors of the crash face
the difficulty of surviving as another storm approaches.

As they try to survive the unknown isle and meet up some people who have been living the
question is asked if this crash is still an accident.

why the survivors are shattered across the isle we learn that not all of them have been living in peace.
No when nobody watches, on the unknown territory they will take their chances to finally even the score.

Who will fire the first shot to let hell break loos?
Who will protect the other when all is lost in the chaos?
Who will survive the mad inhabitants who have survived for so long on this isle?

Tempest is a series of 5 episodes that is slightly based on Shakespeare's play "The Tempest"

Contact me on
04 68 30 54 81

Submitted: May 21, 2018
Last Updated: March 13, 2019

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The Writer: Mats Elsen

I'm Matt, I'm a sreenwriter and actor, I am working on a lot of difrent projects by now, Now I'm very busy with 'The Tempest' a small mini series of 5 episodes. '13' is ready for production, if you are intressted please let me know some thing. You can always contact me by mail: mats.elsen@gmail.com phone: 04 68 30 54 81 Enjoy reading, and please let me know some thing Love getting feedback Go to bio

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