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When the estranged son of the last Templar knight witnesses his father’s murder at the hands of an extremist group, he must team up with an Illuminati assassin to avenge his father.



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In the opening scene, a priest finds pages from an ancient
gospel in the Church of Vera Cruz in Spain and sends them to the
last Templar knight Robert Paynes, to be protected. Robert
receives pages and immediately realizes he’s being followed.
Throwing off his pursuers, he calls his estranged son and our
protagonist, Arthur. Arthur agrees to visit and meets a pretty
young woman, Sunday on the plane. They flirt and make plans to
meet up. Arthur and his father struggle to bond and Arthur is
disheartened when his father forgets their dinner plans to work
on translating pages sent to him in the mail. Arthur falls
asleep, while Robert realizes that he’s been followed and in a
last desperate attempt to protect the pages, hides them in
Arthur’s bag and leaves.
Arthur, unaware of the pages, follows his father and sees his
murder by Warren, a fanatical member of a religious sect looking
for an important book. Warren leaves Arthur to burn with his
father’s body but Sunday appears and pulls Arthur to safety.
They find his father's house being ransacked by more of Warren's
men and after they fight them off, Arthur realizes that Sunday
is also after the book. He spares her life as thanks for saving
his but warns her he’ll kill her the next time he sees her.
At Robert’s funeral, Arthur meets Charles Lacy, a monk who
worked with his father and who joins Arthur and Helen on the
train back to London. Charles attempts to talk to him about
Robert’s work but Arthur and Helen refuse to discuss it for
different reasons. On the train, Arthur spots and confronts
Sunday, but they are interrupted when Charles is attacked by one
of Warren's men and must fight him off. Sunday offers to help
Arthur avenge his father, if he’ll help her find the book and
Arthur reluctantly agrees. On their arrival in London, they’re
ambushed by Warren and his men. Warren comments he’ll no longer
show Arthur mercy because of his father.
Arthur and his allies manage to escape and later, seemingly safe
in a Templar hideout, Arthur confides in Sunday about his
complicated relationship with Robert and his struggle to decide
between following in his father’s footsteps or following his own
path. Arthur finds the pages Robert hid in his bag and decides
to keep them secret. However, Sunday sees him with them, but
before she can confront him Warren convinces a priest from the
Vatican to sneak him into the Templar hideout and takes Charles
and Helen hostage. The Priest demands the book, but Arthur
insists he doesn't know where it is. Sunday is seriously wounded
protecting Charles and Helen as Arthur fights Warren. Faced with
chasing after Warren or saving Sunday, Arthur saves Sunday and
Warren escapes.
Charles patches Sunday up at his apartment and Arthur makes a
plan to find the book and use it as bait to catch Warren. Arthur
realizes the book is in Spain and they find the Templar's
treasure room beneath the church as Warren and his men break
into the church and kill the Priest. Arthur figures there has to
be another way out and tells Charles and Helen to escape. Sunday
stalls for time and takes on Warren and his men. She fatally
injures Warren, but he seemingly kills her in the process.
Warren's boss, Bishop faces Arthur. A former Templar himself,
Bishop proves even stronger then Warren and a desperate Arthur
sets the treasure room ablaze. As an enraged Bishop is about to
kill him, Sunday rises and rejoins the fight. She and Arthur
manage to kill Bishop and escape the burning room. Arthur
returns to his father's grave, says goodbye and leaves the
cemetery a Templar, having decided to team up with Sunday

Submitted: February 11, 2020
Last Updated: July 12, 2021

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The Writer: Rachel Fischer

Rachel spent her childhood getting into trouble on a working cattle ranch and joined the Army Reserve after high school. She has served on multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and flies Chinook helicopters. She received her Master’s in Battlefield Archaeology from the University of Glasgow after living in Scotland and was accepted into the WGA’S Veteran’s in Writing Fellowship in 2020. Rachel writes emotionally charged character-based action/adventure, sci-fi, and mystery/thriller. She is managed by Val McLeroy of Epigram. Go to bio
Manager: Val McElroy of Epigram

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