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When a young, beautiful widow holds a séance for those named in the will, the inheritors are killed based on their level of gullibility until a creepy country sheriff sees through the twisted plot.

CHRISTI BENSON (28), an attractive blonde widow of her late 80-year-old billionaire husband, is required by the will to hold a séance with those inheritors named in the will. Included are handsome, professional singer and Scientologist, JOHNNY MACK (40); rugged BUCK STENSON (40), the deceased man’s favorite safari guide and fellow trophy hunter; and FATHER PAULO CERONI (80), a Nigerian Catholic priest from Rome. The hired medium for the séance is MADAM VERONA (60), a gray-haired gypsy covered in colorful cloaks and a veil to conceal her face.

The famous singer, Johnny, is immediately uneasy with simple gusts of wind. When the fireplace tools rattle, a bell slides across the table, and the table shakes spontaneously, he panics, breaks out in hives, confesses to being a Scientology recruiter, and races out of the farmhouse in shock. He is automatically disinherited for leaving.

Later, Father Ceroni faces the same fears he did as an exorcist. The elderly priest, weakened by previous heart disease and a pacemaker, grows uneasy about the seemingly paranormal activity. The priest becomes overly fretful, and suffers a fatal heart attack when his pacemaker mysteriously fails.

With each injury or death, Christi is falsly sympathetic and comforting. Buck, the trophy hunter, refuses to be intimidated by paranormal activity. He needs the money. However, three black widow spiders emerge from under his chair, and he suffers what he thinks are three bites. He races out screaming into the night.

As human casualties mount, Madam Verona gets more suspicious of Christi. Finally, Madam Verona removes her veil and wig, and reveals herself as a professor (35) who debunks mediums and faith-healers. The ruse does not sit well with Christi, who shoots the medium/professor in the stomach with a derringer. In races creepy local sheriff, ELLIE MAY LYONS (35), who struggles to put together the events of the evening.

Johnny returns as the perfect dupe for Christi’s plan to become the sole inheritor of her husband’s fortune. Johnny is exposed as a gullible fool, but isn’t everyone? In the end, the Sheriff foils Christi’s four near-perfect attempted murders. It is all a trap. However, the sheriff is shot in the stomach by Christi, who tries to make her escape, only to be caught in a trap set by the sheriff.

Submitted: February 9, 2020
Last Updated: February 9, 2020
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The Writer: Tom Stohlgren

By day, Tom Stohlgren is a Senior Research Scientist at the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO 80523, and Affiliate Faculty. He wears Hawaiian shirts every day to teach classes, advise graduate students, and conduct research part-time. He received a Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of California, Davis. Tom is recognized as one of the top ten most productive scientists in the world in the field of biological invasions. He is invited around the world to lecture. He has published over 200 scientific papers and a textbook on methods of assessing plant diversity. In his copious spare time, Dr. Stohlgren is a novelist, screenwriter, and... Go to bio
Manager: Eleni Larchanidou, LLM Literary&Talent Manager EMAIL: managerelenilllm@gmail.com

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