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When a man-made virus turns most of humanity into ravenous cannibals, a surviving scientist forms an uneasy alliance with an infected man, he once conducted experiments on, to attack a mountain stronghold containing those responsible.

When an unknown virus turns the inhabitants of a small town into cannibalistic wild animals, the infected are round-up and quarantined in the towns high school gymnasium. Brian, a young scientist working on a cure, escorts a delegation of government and military officials to visit Patient Twenty-One, an infected man that is responding well to an experimental treatment. During their visit, Patient Twenty-One outwits his captures and escapes, sending the delegation running for their lives. The infection spreads quickly.

Two years after losing containment, Brian roams the countryside in a fortified pick-up truck searching for survivors. Traveling back near the town where it all began, Brian watches helplessly as Patient Twenty-One and his army of wild humans attack and devour a convoy of survivors. Alone, and losing hope of finding anyone alive, Brian decides to lure Patient Twenty-One and his army to an abandoned town for one last battle. After two days of intense fighting, Brian is knocked unconscious and captured.

Brian wakes in the high school gymnasium, locked inside Patient Twenty-One’s old cage. Patient Twenty-One shares a top-secret file left behind by the visiting delegation in their hasty retreat two years earlier. The file sheds light on the virus and its true origins. It was developed as population control, and its creators are hiding in The Ark, a mountain stronghold not far from town. Brian agrees to help Patient Twenty-One gain access to the fortress, and the people inside, in exchange for his life.

After days of planning, Brian and Patient Twenty-One begin to form an unlikely bond. Using vehicles rigged with explosives, they attack the fortress and breach the outer wall. Once inside they are quickly captured and confronted by Judy, a government official present in the gymnasium two years earlier. Judy justifies the release of the virus before ordering their execution. Distracted by Brian and Patient Twenty-One, the guards are quickly overrun by an army of wild humans pouring through the breach.

With the Ark captured and its inhabitant’s fate sealed, Brian resumes his journey, lamenting, that he may have just participated in wiping out the last of humanity. Reaching the coast, Brian spots a group of surfers, and sailboats anchored offshore. They have escaped the mayhem on land by living on the sea. Brian slowly approaches an armed young woman guarding the surfers, from the beach.

Submitted: April 3, 2018
Last Updated: June 15, 2019
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The Writer: Lance West

As a child, my teacher would write in my report card, "Lance constantly stares out the window daydreaming." I’m still staring out that window, but now I’m writing down what I see. I mainly write sci-fi, action-adventures. My screenplays will never win an Academy Award, but if you want to escape for an hour and a half, and go on an exciting adventure, I’m your man. Basically, I'm trying to recreate that feeling I had as a boy watching Star Wars for the first time. That total buy-in from the opening frame to the end credits. Go to bio

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