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Generation "X" meets The Big Chill.

Five friends reunite on a summer long weekend to honor a pledge that they made in high school.
Karen Stryker always wanted to be a rock star, she was the wild girl in school and couldn't grow up fast enough. She and Sean were voted most likely to succeed but something changed for Karen at graduation and she bolted for the big city without saying goodbye

Sean O'Brien was the studious type and figured that wherever Karen went, he would follow and study there, but her quick departure left him stranded and lonely. He dove into his studies and became a college teacher but was always haunted by Karen's presence. He attends the reunion with hope and trepidation, wondering if he will finally get some answers.

Molly Saville was the high school beauty who wanted to find the spot light in Hollywood. She found some early success but lately has been relegated to B movies and straight to video films. Her high school flame that she left behind, is waiting for her now. They were two kids who could never stay apart for long and Molly wonders how she will deal with him now.

Josh Feeder was the high school stoner and Molly's sweetheart. He always knew that he had potential, even when others dismissed his ideas. He went on to create a popular video game and gain wealth but could never be satisfied with the women in his life. He knows that Molly is coming back to town and plans on confronting her about the decisions that she has made.

Jack McBride was the rich kid in school, and it is his father's funeral that the friends have agreed to attend. He has never had to struggle for anything in his life and now with his new found wealth, finds that he can never be sure of whom to trust. But Jack is a planner, and he has one for his friends. Over the weekend, Jack decides to put his plan in motion. The only problem that he couldn't foresee, was Karen's girlfriend deciding to crash the party to stop her and Sean from seeing each other.

The Big Shill is an ensemble piece and limited location shoot. It has shades of the Big Chill and Breakfast Club with five friends reuniting and discovering why they became close in the first place and what ultimately pulled them apart. Five friends reunite on a summer long weekend to honor a pledge that they made in high school.

Submitted: July 5, 2018
Last Updated: July 5, 2018

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The Writer: Karl Scarff

Screenwriter in Vancouver, Canada, I have six scripts completed and working on two more. I prefer character over plot but have a thriller or two under my belt. Mostly drawn to comedy or dramas but willing to take a stab at a horror if the idea is engaging. Go to bio

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