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In 1989, a South Boston Congressman risks his life overseeing an international murder investigation that is cunningly stonewalled by President Bush's men and the secretive, violent El Salvadoran military. Based on a true story.

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2019 Nicholl Top 10%
2019 Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition - 2nd Rounder

Austin FF and Nicholl coverage:
* "Overall, this story, though sometimes challenging to keep up with, is a satisfying tale of the people who refuse to witness injustice and do nothing, which feels both topical and timeless."
* "This is an interesting and frustrating true story and a topic that hasn’t been explored much in media. It has political intrigue, conspiracy, action and thriller elements, humor, etc. It’s a pretty complicated story, but also one with plenty of potential. Approaching a complicated story like this through the eyes of a character like Joe Moakley is smart and makes this work."
* "Joe Moakley is a great character, funny and tough and very likeable. The script does a good job of helping him come to life through skillful strokes like the recurring mangling of his nickname – all of which still underline his tenaciousness – and by well­-chosen stories from his past to illustrate his moral character in a down­-to-­earth, specific, human way. I also admired Joe’s cleverness in varying his strategies to work with, around, and against the system when necessary."

Submitted: January 4, 2020
Last Updated: January 4, 2020

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The Writer: Aaron Corpus

In 2019, two of my scripts advanced in the Nicholl Fellowship competition. The first cracked the quarterfinals; the second made it into the top 10%. That latter script also landed as a 2nd Rounder at AFF. In my day job, I'm a freelance commercial Director / Writer. I'm a meticulous over-preparer, as comfortable copywriting on my Mac Quadra as I am teaming with a well-oiled crew to create compelling, thoughtful visuals and performances. I graduated from LMU's MFA film program and earned a BA at Stanford. When I'm not on a freelance project, or shopping for groceries, or tending to household needs, or driving the kids to school or sporting events, I steal away time to think of interesting... Go to bio

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