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The Candle

With only the light of a candle to guide her, a determined babysitter must battle an invisible evil to save a child in a remote farmhouse - but it's all part of a psychopath's game.



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Student ALICE LLOYD babysits for wealthy families to help fund her studies so she can become a children's social worker.

Her latest gig takes her to a remote farmhouse where she meets WILL and MELANIE CAREY, a sharply dressed couple who are off to the theatre, leaving Alice to care for their daughter DAISY.

When she's alone in the house, the power suddenly cuts and a blood-curdling scream rips through the darkness - Daisy! Alice grabs a candle to guide her way to Daisy.

But as she begins to push through the blackness of the house, she realises this is no ordinary evening as invisible hands throw knives and claw at her body, doing everything they can to prevent Alice from helping the screaming child.

After battling through hell, Alice reaches an upstairs bedroom where she finds Daisy cowering in bed. "There's a m-monster in under my bed." Alice slowly peers beneath the bed only to find another Daisy curled up in the corner, telling her: "Has the monster in my bed gone?"

Shocked and terrified, Alice pops her head back above the bed. Suddenly, the candle blows out and a knife is plunged into Alice. We hear a long ripping sound, followed by the wet slap of blood and organs falling to wooden floorboards.

When the lights return, we see Will and Melanie Carey with their identical twin daughters standing over Alice's butchered body as if she is nothing more than an old rug.

Then we see Melanie talk to a group of voyeruistic psychopaths who have been watching the events of the evening on CCTV while placing bets on how long she would last. After announcing the winner, Melanie says: "I hope we'll see you again gentlemen. Same time tomorrow?"

It seems this isn't their first rodeo.

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Finalist in Film & Screenplay Contest 2018

Submitted: June 3, 2021
Last Updated: December 6, 2021

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The Writer: Mike Underwood

I have a passion for dark, twisting and twisted TV and film which gets the heart racing, the mind questioning and the soul begging for mercy! A little bit about me - armed with a journalism degree, I have been writing professionally since 1999 after becoming a reporter and spending 11 years neck-deep in covering crime and politics in England, Scotland and the United States. I spent two hair-raising years as a night shift city reporter on the Boston Herald in Massachusetts Since 2010, I have worked in the less treacherous world of PR & Communications, winning national awards for creative campaigns, media relations and team leadership for a range of public and private sector organisations... Go to bio

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