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The Chedderbox Express

A newbie school bus driver, along with the staff of an NE Ohio school bus garage, tries to survive the insanity of their job while dreaming of loftier things. Based on actual events.



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Drive a bunch of kids to and from school, how hard can that be? LEE MAJORS finds out it’s the toughest job she’ll ever take. After her divorce, with limited options, she moves back to her hometown – a place she was happy to leave the first time around. Driving a school bus is the only job she could find that would leave her with free time to figure out what she wants to do with her life. Until she makes different life choices, she’ll drive the metal twinkie with germy kids for the GENERAL CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT.

In the school system that never seems to have a dull moment, LEE can’t help but stand out being the newbie bus driver of the group. TILLMAN AND ROSE are the old-timers of the garage with their sage advice and war stories. JULIE gives off a surfer-vibe while K.C. is always willing to lend a hand to a beautiful woman. DOROTHY is the oddball boss no one is sure if she should be in control while the office guru, RYAN could run the Transportation Department in his sleep.

On LEE’S first day of school, she gets frustrated when she hits another bus in the parking lot and loses her cat SNICKERS. LEE tries to keep on schedule and get everyone to home and school on time, but this is a day when the best-laid plans go south. Between LEE’S car breaking down and an old friend coming back into her life, her move back home doesn’t feel like the best idea she ever had.

Each week on the CHEDDARBOX EXPRESS, LEE and the gang experience moments inspired by real-life school bus drivers. From getting peed on by a preschooler to having a “Zombie” try to eat a bus, no one can say that being a school bus driver is boring.

Submitted: May 29, 2021
Last Updated: May 29, 2021

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The Writer: Allie Theiss

My love of creating new worlds and experiences started in 2nd grade. I had my Elementary Principal convinced to let me put on my two-person play about a fairy princess in the school’s auditorium. That is – until she found out it was a kid-sanctioned, not school-sanctioned, event. Poo on her – I put it on in my backyard for my neighborhood! I love to create new worlds, take a deep dive into a current world, and invent characters that appeal to A-List talent. If screenwriting education means anything to you -- here's where I've buckled down and learned some new creative skills: Script Coverage – Beverly Neufeld July 2019 – August 2019 Roadmap Writers Class: Learn to be a Paid Script Reader... Go to bio
Agency: Cultivate Entertainment
Manager: Kanica Suy

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