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The Christmas Visitor

Vacationing in their old family home for Christmas, a single mother discovers her crooked brother is planning to sell the estate. Her children find help in an old man, whom they believe to be Santa.



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Boston clothing designer and workaholic LAUREN BOOTH (35) needs to reconnect with her kids, AIDEN (13) and MOLLY (12) who see their mom less and less. Their GRANDMA (60s) finally convinces Lauren to get out of the city to meet up for Christmas at their old family home in Snowfall, New Hampshire. But rich and slimy HUGH HENDON (36), Lauren’s brother, greets them there with a concocted story of how he managed to get Power of Attorney from their late father, and will sell the estate to be replaced by a strip mall. They must leave promptly after Christmas!

Having explored the quaint streets of town, Aiden and Molly bring home a visitor, KRIS KRINGLE (60s), whom they are convinced is the real Santa Claus, and who reveals that he is on a mission to find some Christmas spirit in the world, which he fears is waning fast. Lauren thinks he’s kind but deranged. When BLAKE ANDREWS (35), her old classmate from grade school comes to call, he meets Kris and believes him to be Santa after he is able to recall a specific memory of Blake’s childhood that only Santa would know. Lauren then tests Kris about a letter she wrote when she was eight, asking only for one thing… that she never got. Kris is truly puzzled that he cannot recall this letter.

Now with Blake and the kids believing, and Lauren still on the fence, Kris devises a plan to prove Hugh’s P.O.A. is a forgery. While the kids keep Hugh entertained at their home under the pretense that “mom should be back soon,” the adults sneak into Hugh’s house and find the document, along with pages of signature-practicing. It’s indeed a fake! Grandma arrives just in time to witness the confrontation with Hugh and their discovery, but he tells them it will be months before a court hears the findings. Besides, he has a new client who has just flown in to buy the house immediately. He dials the number on his cell, but to everyone’s astonishment, Blake’s phone rings! Hugh is undone as Blake (a wealthy businessman after all) offers him a check for the purchase of the estate, along with a tip that the FBI will be arriving very soon. Hugh takes off in a panic!

After some investigating of his own and with help from the North Pole, Kris hands Lauren her old letter they had found without an address in the dead-letter office. She reads it as Kris presents her with the beautiful Victorian doll she had asked for many years before. Kris must hurry back north to prepare for his Christmas Eve journey. Feeling recharged from new-found Christmas spirit, he vanishes in a blaze of light, leaving behind a gorgeously-decorated Christmas tree, and the house belongs to Lauren, as she and Blake embrace.

Submitted: March 5, 2019
Last Updated: July 10, 2022

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The Writer: Jerry Robbins

I'm a produced writer of two features - CATCH THE BULLET (Lionsgate) and THE LEGEND OF LAKE HOLLOW (Penumbra Films, being released in 2023). My screenplay THE UNEXPECTED ROMANCE OF CAPTAIN SAM is under option with Citizen Skull Productions. I began in the world of audio dramas, writing 480 audio drama scripts (features and series episodes) that were hosted on Sirius/XM Radio for eight years. In that time, with the Colonial Radio Theatre, I was fortunate to have collaborated with Ray Bradbury, William Luce, and Walter Koenig on various audio productions. I adapted one of my audio dramas into a screenplay, which later resulted in my leaving audio behind to write exclusively for film - my true... Go to bio
Agency: Stephanie Rogers & Associates
Manager: Stephanie Rogers

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