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A resourceful repo agent gets hired to retrieve a dark family heirloom by a mysterious woman who specializes in locating and selling mythical artifacts.

Reese Langley is the proud owner and operator of the struggling Langley Recovery Services. Abandoned by her parents early on and raised in the repo business by her late uncle, Reese is resourceful and resilient, used to thinking on her feet. Struggling to make ends meet, Reese works night and day, taking any and all jobs, regardless of risk, earning a reputation as someone who can get the job done, no matter the cost. It’s during one of these jobs that she gets herself arrested. What Reese doesn’t know is that she has won herself an admirer during the course of events.

Dr. Rowan Wilder screams elegance and sophistication, not someone who would be trolling the local police lock up looking for qualified job applicants. Rowan, who specializes in retrieving and selling mythical artifacts, is on her way to a fundraiser when she sees Reese in action. Impressed with her persistence and resourcefulness, despite getting herself arrested, Rowan ends up at the police station with her lawyer to help after doing some background checking on Reese. She offers Reese a proposition. Find and retrieve an item for her and she will bail her out and clear her record. Reese is suspicious but with no other options, she agrees.

Outside, Rowan gives her the information on the item she is looking for. The Gazing Glass is a crystal ball with a dark history, once used by a deceased gypsy fortune teller rumored to give the user insight into the future. Rowan purchases the item through a family member, who disappeared with the item and Rowan’s money.

With the help of Rowan’s researcher, Reese tracks down the Gazing Glass in a paranormal museum. After battling her way through a series of creepy, unexplainable events, Reese escapes with the Gazing Glass. Satisfied and impressed with her work and with Reese herself, Rowan offers her a full time job. Torn between keeping the family business going and being financially secure for the first time in her life, Reese ends up taking the job after Rowan purchases Langley Recovery Services. Intrigued by her new boss, Reese looks forward to working with the aloof and mysterious Rowan and the challenges of her new job as the Collector, responsible for tracking down powerful relics and supernatural souvenirs.

Throughout the series, Reese does her best to rise to the challenges Rowan presents to her, professionally and personally. Her skills as a repo agent help her recovery whatever item Rowan sends them to find. Soon she starts to realize how powerful some of the artifacts they recover are and whether or not they should be sold to just anyone who can afford them.

Torn between her conscience and her new loyalty to Rowan, Reese struggles to find a moral high ground that she can live with and still do the job she was raised to do. When they are tasked with finding an artifact that gives the user a power no human should have, Reese and Rowan must decide if they want to go through with the job and face the consequences or refuse and risk everything, including their lives.

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The Writer: Krista Crawford

Krista Crawford resides in a small town called Mauston, in south central Wisconsin, which is nowhere near as dangerous and exciting as anything with the words ‘south central’ sounds. Child two out of four, stuck in a narrow minded small town, she found escape from the daily grind through books and movies. Torn between wanting to be part of the Goonies or the Hardy Boys, she decided to write her own stories where she’s both, as well as doing the final dance with Baby. An early job at the local public library only gave her more fuel for the stories, as well as being the only librarian under 50. After a short stint at technical college where her essay on duct tape remains the only speech to... Go to bio

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