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The Cure

Royal Raymond Rife, an unorthodox scientist, claims he has discovered the cause for cancer and a novel electronic cure, but gets sabotaged by a corrupt bureaucrat, Morris Fishbein.



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It’s 1929, San Diego and scientist Royal Raymond Rife, is racing against time to come up with a cancer cure for his dying Aunt, Nina Culver Rife Dryden, the woman who raised him shortly after his birth. Unsuccessful in his attempts, Roy tries to enlist the help of an eminent bacteriologist, Arthur Kendall, but he refuses, calling Roy a quack.
Nina does not trust her current physician and asks Horace Wilks to treat her, with an electrical healing device. Roy, busy in his lab, arrives as Horace leaves, only to find his Aunt is dead. Distraught, his wife Mamie, tries to comfort him. He seeks solace in his work, only to become frustrated, until Mamie suggests he show Kendall his novel microscope and his work.
Roy splices film footage of the viruses and bacteria his microscope is able to view, in to the credits reel of a movie and is able to hook Kendall’s interest at the theatre. Kendall comes to Roy’s lab and also takes an interest in his wife Mamie.
Morris Fishbein, has become Editor of the Journal of the AMA and is on a mission to stamps out quacks and regulate who can advertise in its publications. He meets with Senator Halston and together with his unwell lawyer Aaron Saprio, they blackmail Halston to get Federal backing.
Arthur and Roy work together and prove that current germ theory is incorrect. Both men write a paper for peer review and at Mamie’s suggestion, enlist the San Diego Union to inform the public of their discovery.

Morris berates the reporter from the San Diego Union for writing the article on Roy’s microscope and electronic healing device. Horace is caught by the AMA and Roy is informed about the trial.
At the arraignment, Arthur introduces Morris to Roy and Mamie. After learning that Morris has fixed criteria for regulation, Roy decides that he and Arthur need to hold a symposium on the microscope, so other scientists will learn of their work.
Morris meets with Baxter & Wallace, from the major pharmaceutical companies and tells them that they need to adhere to his Seal of Approval guidelines.
Arthur, Roy and Mamie go to a Jazz club to celebrate being final peer reviewed and published. Roy tells Arthur that cancer is caused by virus.

A prominent scientist objects to the symposium and Arthur is publically ripped apart by his peers. Arthur and Roy fall out, as Roy did not give the talk and Arthur feels betrayed.
After Roy tries to inject himself with a cancer sample and passes out, Mamie leaves. She finds Arthur and convinces him to come back and work with Roy.
Roy and Arthur successfully find the BX virus and destroy it in the lab. They then enlist the help of Milbank Johnson at Pasadena hospital, who agrees to chair a clinical trial with sixteen terminal patients. Fourteen patients are signed off as clinically cured.
Roy is hosted at Milbank’s house, to a reception by the medical community. He gives a talk on the microscope and electronic device and also presents Tom Knight one of the remaining two patients as being cured. Morris also learns from Tom about the cure.
Baxter & Wallace meet with Morris and express their economic and safety concerns on the electronic device. Morris assures them the device will be regulated. Unable to get the AMA Seal of Approval, Roy applies to the International Cancer Foundation, only to be turned down, as Morris has instructed them to do so.
Roy decides to open a company, Beam Ray, to manufacture devices, so that doctors can treat patients. Mamie announces that she is pregnant. Aaron visits Roy and Mamie and makes an offer to buy Beam Ray with unreasonable terms. Roy refuses to sell and does not allow Aaron to leave.
A new engineer, Philip Hoyland, joins Beam Rays to make the devices and he and Roy do not get along. Roy asks Milbank to call a press conference, so the results of the clinic can be shared, but Milbank does not. Philip sabotages the device for shipment to the UK and the AMA confiscate Roy’s last machine. Annoyed and frustrated, an intoxicated Roy visits his Aunt’s grave where he breaks down.
Roy later visits Pasadena Hospital, only to discover Milbank is facilitating Morris, and the pharmaceutical companies to do a clinical trial on cancer drugs. Roy makes his way home where Mamie takes care of him.

Arthur visits Roy’s house and tries to convince Mamie to leave with him, but she sticks by her husband. Roy has enough of being silenced and asks the reporter from the San Diego Union to do an article on the Cancer Clinic.
Morris Fishbein becomes enraged when he learns about the article. As the reporter is leaving his office a car follows him and shots are fired.
Baxter & Wallace visit Morris at church and complain about the increased advertising fees and ask why he hasn’t yet approved their new drugs. The AMA confiscate all of the Beam Ray devices that doctors have been using and inform them that their licences will be revoked if they breech rules again.
Morris invites Arthur to his office and with the help of an optics and electronics expert, shows him that the microscope and device are a con. Morris enlists Arthur’s services and pays him severance to go Tijuana.
Mamie is chased by the same car that followed Roy and the reporter. The stress causes her to have a miscarriage. Roy rings Milbank for help. Both men put their differences aside. Milbank informs Roy he has heard about the AMA ban and finally agrees to call and press conference and announce the cancer clinic results. Beam Rays is set ablaze in an arson attack
Aaron Saprio informs Roy that Arthur is leaving. Roy intercepts Arthur at the hotel before he leaves. Arthur cannot give a rational explanation for leaving, but Roy says he knew he was working with Morris as an inside man.
Aaron meets Morris at his office and informs him of the failed bid for Beam Rays. To his surprise, Morris tells Aaron that he knew he was an insider for the Wallace & Baxter and now they know of the bid on Beam Ray, they will act upon it.
Morris confronts Roy at the burned Beam Rays building and issues legal action on his treatment. Roy reveals that he’s known Philip was an insider all along, as he had treated Aaron, when no one else could. Before Milbank can make his announcement, his car is pushed off the coast road.

Submitted: July 15, 2018
Last Updated: October 13, 2020

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The Writer: Eoin O'Sullivan

Writer of short film, An Bean Sidhe, winner of Golden Blaster at Octocon, The Irish Science Fiction Film Awards. Co writer of Banshee Awakening with Paul Lynch Go to bio

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